3 Excellent Reasons to Accept Guest Blogging

Having a professional blog is essential today to generate quality traffic. The next challenge is to create and write relevant articles on a regular basis and this is where the majority of bloggers struggle.

What is “Guest Blogging”?

A guest blogging or in French a “guest post” consists of writing and publishing an article on the blog of another person or company under your name in exchange for one or more links present in the content of the article.

Guest blogging can be done in all types of activities. Guest blogging thus makes it possible to obtain quality articles in exchange for links to another website, these websites are rarely in competition with your activity.

Guest Blogging is one of the best marketing techniques to develop your business and improve the SEO of your website. Whether you are a sender or a receiver, it is a win/win exchange.

We are going to share with you today 3 indisputable reasons for accepting guest blogging.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

#1. A Guest Blogging Proposal Confirms Your Position as an Influencer

When you are contacted by a blogger to “guest blog”.

Smile your day starts well!

You are considered by him as an influencer in your field of activity. You are therefore in a strong position to negotiate a quality article on the subject you want.

Bloggers who come into contact with you generally have blogs on a topic close to you but rarely in direct competition.

When you are contacted for Guest Blogging, you are asserting your reference position in the market. Your influence is measured by a historically “Page Rank” or “Page authority score between 0 and 100.

The average score in France is between 20 and 30. From 40, you can consider that your website is starting to be a benchmark for Google algorithms.

To test a website, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go directly to the Moz site
  • Type the website you want to test
  • Hop, you go to the note on your entire domain and on your web page.

#2. Obtain Quality Articles

The main advantage of guest blogging is to receive articles with quality content on the topic you want, fully written, proofread and ready for publication.

Quite a good deal!

The blogger will undoubtedly suggest several article subjects when he will contact you according to the themes of the existing articles on your blog. You can clearly negotiate and revise the topic of the articles to best suit your readers.

A quality article at a minimum length allows to treat a subject in-depth and to be considered as relevant by the search engines. Indeed, the longer an article, the more likely it is to be relevant and to capture visitors.

We recommend that you negotiate an article of a minimum length of 700 words and request that it be corrected in terms of spelling.

And that’s not all!

In the majority of cases, the written article will be fully optimized for natural referencing since it is in the interest of the blogger.

The success of the article published on your blog will make the success of your blog.

Winner, winner!

#3. Generate New Qualified Visitors to Your Blog

It takes more or less a week from the time of negotiation to when you receive the item. Then, you just have to integrate it into your CMS or directly on your website since it will be ready to use.

The people who write the article will communicate about it when it is published, which increases your notoriety and the number of new visitors. A real godsend!

Ask each time to publish on social networks and if possible to communicate through the respective newsletters to boost the visibility of your article!

Some tips for communicating well on your article:

  • Prepare posts well with quality images 
  • Find the best hashtags to use in your posts
  • Contact other influencers in your industry who may be interested in your article
  • Regularly publish posts on this article so that it becomes a reference in the market

Conclusion on Guest Blogging

To be hon

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