AI offers a Bright Future in the Job Market

Getting into the world of AI has many benefits for students and young professionals. However, it is not enough to learn computer science or obtain a university degree to pursue a career in this field, and you also need to have relevant technical skills.

How to benefit from training in the AI ​​sector?

While most of the jobs associated with AI are yet to be discovered, most of this high-potential sector comprises engineers and researchers. Therefore, the candidates in the running need a highly qualified academic profile, and several ways exist to achieve this.

Indeed, many schools specializing in computer science award a specialization diploma in the field of AI. The same goes for masters in mathematics and computer science at some universities. Likewise, courses dedicated to AI are offered by various engineering schools. 

Job opportunities in AI

Career opportunities in AI

Artificial intelligence engineer

The artificial intelligence engineer is one of the leading professions. The latter indeed design computer programs that mimic human thought. He must be both a computer scientist and a researcher in order to analyze how the brain works during a given problem, and it then reproduces the results on the software.

This specialist can work as well in a large company as within an innovative start-up. In addition, he can work in different fields of activity. In particular, from computer technology to industrial production, including armaments.

Business intelligence developer

The main responsibility of a business intelligence developer is to consider business acumen alongside AI. They recognize different business trends by evaluating complex data sets. They help inflate a company’s profits by preparing, developing, and nurturing business intelligence solutions.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists help bring together relevant data from multiple sources to evaluate and draw meaningful conclusions. The resulting deductions influence the resolution of various business issues.

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AI becomes a real-world tool

Without realizing it, in their daily life, users have been in contact with AI software. As an example, this happens using the voice assistant feature of the phone. The same applies when the user asks a “chatbot” question to welcome him on a shopping platform.

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