10 Alternatives to Google Analytics

If I say “web analytics” to you, I’m willing to bet that the first thing that comes to your mind is “Google Analytics”.

And for a good reason, the search engine giant’s audience analysis tool has become the absolute reference in the field.

But have you ever wondered if there are other web analytics solutions out there?

1. Matomo, the Alternative to Google Analytics That Respects the Privacy

Protecting your reputation and the privacy of your customers is the ambition of Matomo, open-source software that is free and easy to install.

Suppose, like Google Analytics, it allows your website traffic to be analyzed. In that case, Matomo stands out with its data protection policy: where Google is known for its use of the personal information of its users, Matomo will help you. Ensure full control over your data.

However, it should be added that this tool has a certain number of premium features (ranging from form analysis to A / B testing ) which can quickly increase the bill.

2. Heap, a Simplified Web Analysis Interface

Heap is a web analytics solution that focuses on accessibility.

The interface is intended to be very simplified and fluid, far from the menus and complex parameters of other tools such as Google Analytics.

Its main advantage is the way it facilitates the tracking of events (i.e., your users’ interactions with your site). You can thus set up efficient tracking without much technical knowledge.

Heap offers a free version with some limitations (5,000 sessions per month, in particular), which will give you an idea of ​​its qualities.

3. Clicky, the Web Analytics Tool to Measure Your Audience in Real-time

Although it is not necessarily the easiest to learn (nor the most aesthetic), Clicky is a quality tool for measuring your site’s audience.

In particular, it allows you to easily create and customize campaigns and conversion goals. Clicky has a free version giving access to essential statistics to analyze your website traffic.

The premium versions provide additional features and increase the maximum number of page views.

4. Open Web Analytics, the Open-source Alternative to Google Analytics

Open Web Analytics is, like Matomo, an open-source and free web analytics software.

If it has aged a bit, the interface is efficient, and the tool is rich in features, especially since it is free.

However, it is not the most accessible nor the most “modern,” making it an obvious choice for neophytes.

5. W3counter, an Effective Alternative to Google Analytics

W3Counter is another effective alternative to Google Analytics.

It has all the features and statistics important to analyze your website traffic, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

The tool includes a free plan and two paid plans (at $ 19 and $ 39 per month). However, the free version requires the presence of a “W3Counter” badge on the site.

The premium plans are distinguished in particular by the integration of widgets (contact form, promotional pop-up, etc.) whose effectiveness you can easily measure and thus increase your site’s conversion rate.

6. Mixpanel, to Analyze Interactions on Your Website

Mixpanel is a platform that allows you to analyze user interactions with your site in real-time.

Their tool allows you to create interactive and great-looking reports and easily extract data on usage parameters.

You can work in a team fluidly, and a free formula allows you to test this tool without a time limit.

7. Adobe Analytics, the Web Analytics Is Seen by Adobe

Adobe Analytics is a great alternative to Google Analytics! Regardless of your data source (websites, email campaigns, web applications, and mobile devices), Adobe Analytics captures all of this data. When gathered in one place, all of this data will provide you with real-time information about your site.

Adobe Analytics does not publish pricing on its website, and interested users should request a demo to get started with Adobe Analytics. However, it seems that the tool has a high cost and is therefore reserved for fairly large budgets.

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8. KissMetrics, to Analyze Your Acquisition Data

Kissmetrics is an analysis tool that offers software focused on the acquisition tunnel. It helps you better understand your customers’ journey and improve and automate that customer journey. The goal is simple: accelerate your growth by really understanding what is happening on your site and your applications.

On their site, KissMetrics offers you to compare their tool with Google Analytics. Regarding the price, two formulas exist, one for Saas, the other for e-commerce. In both cases, you must register for a demo. Their subscriptions start from $ 299 per month.

9. Plai, a Combined Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Youtube

Plai supports you in creating effective advertisements. Plai combines analytics reports from Google Ads, Google Analytics, and YouTube. This allows the software to subsequently perform A / B testing and improve your results over time.

Before creating a marketing campaign or even a social media post, the Plai app helps you access trending content in your industry, discover relevant keywords, and learn the latest marketing strategies.

Plai is free to download and try for 7 days; after that, the app costs $ 14.99 per month, or $ 7.99 per month if paid annually.

10. GoSquared, a Simple Google Analytics Alternative

GoSquared is a web analytics tool built with one goal in mind: simplicity. For them, users shouldn’t have to take training to start using a web analytics tool. The installation is simplified, the dashboard is clean, making it easy to visualize the most important information to improve your website.

On GoSquarred, you have the essentials, the key metrics of your website without needing to be an expert.

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