How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening It?

Who has never sworn a few milliseconds after opening a Whatsapp message? To know the content of a message, while remaining incognito, there is a magical technique. You can thank us.

The communication applications Whatsapp like, Facebook Messenger, or Signal are legion. The technology is wonderful.

It allows you to send a text message and know immediately when it has been read. To wait for the answer while biting your nails, when the three small dots appear.

Yes, your relationship with your messages is terribly complex.

Tips for using WhatsApp

How many times have you chosen not to open a message you have received so that the other person does not know that you have read it? “Oh well, did you ask me to hang up the laundry? I didn’t see your message sorry”

How many times have you had to justify yourself or, conversely, demand accountability: “It drives me crazy, I can see it on Messenger that you read my message, so answer me!”

Tips for using WhatsApp

On the WhatsApp application, when a message is read, the two small V’s turn blue. If in a group conversation, it does not matter, in a two-way exchange, on the other hand, you are immediately toasted.

But the tech gods are also sometimes on your side. Like when you change the date or time in your virtual calendar to get bonus points on games on your smartphone. 

And yes, we have all our little tips!

Open a WhatsApp message without opening it 

The trick that lets you read a Whatsapp message without getting caught by the patrol is very simple.

Just switch your smartphone to airplane mode, before opening the Whatsapp application. You can then open the conversation and read the message without being seen. After closing the app and deactivating the airplane mode, neither seen nor known, you did not read anything, at least in the eyes of the application which was offline.

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So, wonderful, isn’t it? Good news, when we know that every day, 40 billion messages are sent via Whatsapp.

Finally, note that the application allows you to delete a message before it is read, within 7 minutes after sending. Finally, suddenly it may have been read incognito, we promise you nothing.


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