Marketing Automation: How Does It Work?

The new technologies represent an intrinsic characteristic of the information age and configure a new scenario in the lives of people and, mainly, of organizations.

More and more companies are being encouraged to plan their businesses and activities, relying on more complex analyzes of internal and external environments, carrying out diagnoses and strategic actions in order to enhance their attributes, missions and results. This context, therefore, boosted new ways for organizations to manage their activities, since social, cultural and economic complexity influences organizational policy, its publics and its strategies.

Marketing and Globalization

In the sphere of the globalized world, innovative communication technologies, of which the internet is just one, offer speed, targeting and repetition of messages at almost no cost.

Globalization includes not only the reduction of trade barriers, but also a reminder of the powerful social, economic, political and cultural transformations taking place in market economies around the world. And the broad restructuring within organizations, in response to the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions, has increased the dependence on communications strategies, that is, the instability and unpredictability of the present context has shown that we live in a space of uncertainty, which requires the adoption of strategic thinking, by all sectors of the organization.

Marketing automation in the age of globalization

Marketing Automation, therefore, is the use of technology to automate marketing actions and processes, reduce manual work and increase the efficiency of actions. We can consider marketing automation tools, nowadays, to nurture and advance leads until the moment of purchase.

What is Marketing Automation?

Many think that any action performed automatically (like following back or scheduling social media posts) is already Marketing Automation in its full form.

But these are just simple actions and are far below what we consider effective Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation means  understanding and acting in a personalized way  with the people who interact with your company in the different online channels.

It is to understand exactly the  Lead ‘s interest  and its stage of purchase, giving him all the information he needs at a given moment in an  automated way .

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Advantages of Marketing Automation

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Investing in Marketing Automation makes it possible to increase sales,  decrease customer acquisition costs and improve customer  retention.

Regardless of the size of your business, having good marketing automation helps add value to your business. We all know that marketing automation strategies, when well designed and targeted to a specific audience, result in attracting new customers and, consequently, in a constant increase in sales and business growth.

Marketing plan

Marketing Automation planning helps in controlling expenses and recording actions to increase the number of sales. It is through it that the company will be able to formulate competitive strategies that are up to the demands of the market, in addition to idealizing the results it wants to achieve.

What is your goal?

To acquire marketing automation, you need, first of all, to define your company’s goals. Some entrepreneurs have the  feeling  and common sense to put together their own plan. However, some prefer to have the accompaniment of a specialist to elaborate the strategies.


This is the part where you will establish how you will achieve your goals. Remember: strategies will help you gain an advantage over the competition and position yourself in the market. Therefore, this step is very important.

Understand who your customers are         

A marketing plan has to be aimed at the target audience. So, get to know your customers in depth. Evaluate  your company’s target  in detail .

Marketing automation for e-commerce

A good manager is always looking for solutions to improve his business, even when the results are satisfactory. After all, it is always possible to make internal processes more productive in any context. Marketing automation tools for e-commerce are proof of that.

With so much competition and a more demanding consumer, it is essential to find ways to make your  strategies more efficient and productive . In this scenario,  marketing automation for e-commerce is an outlet to ensure that your business results are always better compared to the previous period.

Better results

Our imagination can transform a concept into something it is not. When using the term automation, what often comes to mind is the “robotization” of a company’s sector, for example. In the case of marketing automation for  e-commerce ,  this has nothing to do with robots, but with process optimization.

Marketing automation is, therefore ,  making the way to reach your goals shorter, cheaper and more efficient , always managing to generate better results.

The increasingly visible presence of organizations in the digital environment has given new contours to business communication. More than a technology, the internet is one of the hallmarks of contemporary society, which seeks instantaneity together with quality and interactivity. It does not stop there. The creation of work processes supported by technologies that cross organizational boundaries also represents advances in commercial projects, which can make the company more agile and allow it to keep up with certain changes. One of them is the creation of online stores.

Virtual stores: what are they?

The concept of virtual store can be defined as a website on the Internet where companies exhibit and sell their products or services. Customers can access the site from anywhere, at any time and choose products or services right there. Payment is made through the system that the virtual store offers and you receive the product in the comfort of your home. Did you see how things evolved?

How to create

To create your virtual store, you first need to choose a platform that is nothing more than a software responsible for displaying and managing the store. Through it, it is also possible to calculate freight, register products and prices. All in the greatest comfort.

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