Marketing Power of Animated Explainer Videos

Using video is not just an “up-and-coming” content marketing strategy; it’s a compelling way to communicate with your audience.

And why not? The videos facilitate conveying the product features, service details, and advantages and make it easy to demonstrate its value to the consumers quickly — with each step, with each scene. 

Besides, the video allows you to pack your product information into a short and delightful piece of content. The best part is that an animated explainer video can easily zoom your product’s smallest detail and display how the product features work in a highly engaging way.

So, in order to draw new buyers, enlighten the old ones, or just describe how your products and services work, an animated explainer video is an ideal choice. Being quick and straight-to-the-point, they really allow converting prospects to customers and help to brand your company.

Are you thinking of using an animated explainer video in your marketing strategy? Let’s dive in and learn what it is and what we can get from it!

What Is An Explainer Video & Why Prefer Its Animation Form?

Everyone reading knows what a video is, but do you know what an explainer video is? It is a short video, around 90 seconds in length, which explains your products, services, and business concept clearly and concisely. Animation is one of the most entertaining forms of an explainer video. 

According to Hubspot, nearly 73% of customers globally like to see “entertaining videos.” (Hubspot)

Animation catches everyone’s attention quickly and can efficiently communicate how a product/service can solve a problem customers might have been experiencing for a long time.

The explainer video can include 

  • Features of the product/service
  • Intro or promotion to the brand
  • An overview of a process, like how an app works
  • A brief tutorial on how to use a product or any application
  •  Summary of your company culture

More importantly, explainer videos can drive consumers to landing pages to learn more about your products, services, or brand. 

The Impact of Blending Animated Explainer Videos in Marketing

Around 92% of marketers continue to value video as a ‘vital part’ of their marketing strategy. (Wyzowl )

The stats themselves speak how the world of video marketing continues to rise, and your business has the chance to thrive with it.

Here are the benefits of integrating animated explainer videos into product marketing strategy:

1. Boost Customer Loyalty 

After the pandemic and in the going state where we don’t know when again corona may knock on our doors, the ultimate objective for brands is to create an unbreakable bond with the customer and earn their loyalty. Undoubtedly, the lockdown has left companies with myriad challenges, and businesses should focus on strengthening and growing customer loyalty to be their “first and last” choice.

And using animated explainer videos helps here. They help pitch your brand ideas to likely consumers, and incorporating animation elements can be appropriate to current generation customers regardless of the industry. 

The animation here also works to soothe stressed or busy individuals; bring your videos to their subscription list!

 2. Helps In Brand building

A customized animated explainer video allows you to advertise your brand in a unique and promising fashion. Having animated characters and colors in your videos can help you create true personal branding among the audience. 

In addition, it also brings your potential consumers emotionally closer to the business. This accelerates your sales process and ultimately turns your customers into loyal brand ambassadors!

3. Make You Stand Out From Your Competitors

What makes explainer videos unique is that not every business is doing it yet (well, they should be). That means you are maintaining a strong edge over your competitors by posting animated explainer videos on marketing channels like YouTube. 

Besides, you’ll also enhance search engine rankings making potential customers find you first before they find your competitors. But even when your competitor is using animated explainers, you can still have the edge over them. 

Want to know how?

Animations are known for their versatility. For example, you could create ten different versions of a character skydiving, and each of them could be completely different. 

Similarly, even when your competitor already has an explainer video of their product, you can create more fun and engaging video using animations.

4. Perfect Pitch

It is undoubtedly the worst situation when you find it challenging to promote your brand. Of course, telling people what your business does is vital to make it thrive. But, companies are often unable to create an easy-to-understand pitch that attracts customers. 

An animated explainer video provides you the opportunity of delivering your best pitch globally at any hour. And the best part is that your physical presence is not important. With the right animated videos, you can quickly showcase your company’s story in the best light possible, be it in branding, pitches, or digital communications efforts.

5. Exponential web traffic increase

There’s no standard blueprint for a video that gets views out of thin air. But, one thing is sure: animated videos are one of the most clever investments you can make, regardless of your business type.

It has been seen that people are more likely to watch videos having animated content. And when a prospect watches your video, they are going to visit the website too. So you can bet your money that when you use animated explainers in your marketing strategy, your website traffic is going to increase significantly.

6. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Improve Search Engine Rankings

The rankings of a website on a search engine result page depend on various factors. Google uses different algorithms to decide the rank of each and every website it indexes. One of these factors is how long a person stays on a page on your website. 

If the person only opens the pages and leaves, your website has several issues. But if your visitors are staying, it gets you in the good graces of Google. 

But how do we make the visitors stay? Simple, use animated explainer videos. As videos can help as if one is staying longer to watch a video; Google comprehends that your brand is more interesting; hence improving your search engine ranking concerning specific keywords.

Now you must be thinking how many times can we explain our products to increase the visiting time of a person? Don’t worry; explainer videos are not restricted to only products/services. Here are the multiple ways you can use animated explainer videos for marketing-

  • A video on top of the Home page explaining how to navigate your website.
  • Videos on the about us page explaining what your business is.
  • Videos explaining how to make online transactions on product pages. 

Parting Thoughts

An animated explainer video’s power lies in the fact that it’s the most trendy, appropriate, and preferred form of marketing ideas today. This blog clearly shows the many different ways they can help a marketer. We hope that you will definitely utilize animated explainer videos in your next marketing strategy.

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