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The world we live in is getting increasingly stressful, and stress can take a serious toll on your health. While it is good to work out to reduce weight, the aim should also be to look after one’s overall health rather than simply “looking good.” Bad diet plans, lack of nutrients and reduced or restless sleep can severely stress out the body not to mention the mental-emotional stress that could very well be the cause of a lack of looking after oneself.

But slowly and surely people are realizing the need for looking after their health which is why the market for smart devices that help track your health is booming. While Fitbits once dominated the market in terms of a wearable fitness tracker, the Apple Watch has a great deal it can do to help track your fitness through in-built applications but also through the installation of external apps. This smart watch does a lot more than taking photos and helping you answer calls on your watch like a secret agent.

In fact there is an excellent list of apps we would like to share with you:

1.  WaterMinder

With this app you can log in the amount of water you are drinking. Most of us know how much water we should drink, that is, 8 to 10 glasses a day but fail to follow through on it. As a result of a lack of water you might experience headaches, body aches and much more. Severe and long-standing dehydration can have severe effects on the body so why put your beloved body through all that stress right?

Download the WaterMinder app to your watch and keep a log of your water intake. This way you can track properly the amount of water you have drunk instead of waiting for symptoms of dehydration to make themselves visible. The app also provides a visual representation of your water intake for quick, clear reference. You can also input the amount of water you have had through voice commands using Siri for greater ease.

2.  Fitstar Yoga

Ever wondered how people watch YouTube videos of Yoga poses while also making sure they get the pose right themselves. Or have you managed to do it but find it very annoying to continuously press pause and play for each pose. If you relate to any of those situations get ready for Fitstar Yoga to change your life for the better. With this app and a great RCN cable + internet package you can watch the yoga poses on your Apple Watch as you do them and also check how much longer you might need to stay in that excruciating position. Furthermore you can pause the session or skip ahead and go back all from the comfort and ease of your Apple Watch.

3.  Clue

This app is a must-have for women. Designed to help women keep a track of their cycle, Clue can help you figure out when you are most likely to begin menstruating or even begin to experience cramps. That way you can make sure to keep any essentials handy especially a painkiller for the more painful days you have to pull through. This app can also be helpful in indicating fertility rates throughout the month thereby assisting in family planning.

The app goes even further as it can utilize the collected data to help assess if there are any health conditions you might need to get checked out. Multiple factors can affect a women’s health and this app could even help women who have already been diagnosed with PCOS to keep a record of things. This record automatically syncs with your iPhone as well so you can show the data to your licensed medical practitioner.

4.  LifeSum

As the name suggests this app sums up your life for you by allowing you to keep a comprehensive journal of your diet. You can enter each item you eat and drink to understand how many calories you have each day. The app will also help you figure out how much protein, fats and carbohydrates you eat to help you better figure out what kind of foots you need to reduce or increase your intake of; it also helps you adjust your food portion to the appropriate size required for the healthy functioning of your body.

To make things even better this app doesn’t cost a dime. However, if you want more customized diet plans tailored to you then you might want to consider subscribing to the app for a minimum monthly fee. We do advise you to use the free version first, despite the good reviews, so you can get familiar with the app and see if it suits you.

5.  Pocket Yoga

This app requires a minimal down payment after which there is an even lesser monthly fee. Before you get hesitant about Pocket Yoga you need to consider its convenience. The app has 27 different yoga sessions each with varying levels of difficulty to suit your needs so you do not need to worry about straining any muscles on your first try since you can start off with an easy session. Furthermore the app is able to utilize data from Apple Health such as your heart rate and calories burned in correspondence with your yoga moves.

You can also view each yoga pose on your watch which means you don’t need to struggle between looking up at the screen and actually doing the pose.

All in All

Of course going into the App Store you will find many more apps than those that we have listed here, but we hope this list will help get you up and about as you begin your fitness journey. You just need to take the initiative to download them and muster up some self-discipline and energy which I am sure is lying dormant. Perhaps you already exercise, but feel lost without being able to keep track of things. In that case the Apple Watch is made just for you.

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