65 SEO Statistics

SEO statistics are very important because they allow us to understand what is working and what is not within the wide world of Search Engine Optimization.

Thanks to the statistics compiled by companies dedicated to digital marketing over the years, today I have been able to prepare this list of the best SEO statistics that you must take into account so that it has an impact insured when creating your new website.

These data are faithfully supported by case studies and trust experiments, which have drawn very good conclusions about what serves to position in Google.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this SEO data!

More interesting SEO statistics

SEO statistics

First of all, let’s review those that broadly indicate the behavior of users.

1. Organic search wins 53.3% as a form of website traffic compared to other channels such as paid advertising, email, or referrals. (Bright edge).

2. The first step in a user’s online experience is 68 % using a search engine(Bright edge).

3. Of Google users, 99.22% select only the first page results, leaving out the rest of the SERP pages. (Backlinko)

4. Google, Google Images, and Google Maps generate 92.96% of global search traffic. (Sparktoro) 

5. Of the queries within the search results, 69.7% are made up of four words or more, that is, long-tail keywords. (ahrefs)

6. The traffic generated by SEO is 1000% higher than the traffic generated by social networks. (BrightEdge)

7. Of the leads obtained through SEO,  14.6% are effectively completed. (Hub Spot)

8. 60% of digital marketers support inbound quality lead generators. (Hub Spot)

Statistics of SEO services

The cost of a professional SEO service influences the decision-making of many clients. As well as in the appreciation of its quality. The following data gives a glimpse of their productivity. 

9. The global average monthly fee per client is $501 – $1,000 for SEO services. (ahrefs)

10. As a form of payment, 74.71% of SEO professionals charge a monthly fee. (ahrefs)

11. However, a range between $100 – $150 per hour is established in rates or piece rates. (Ahrefs)

12. Target fees range from $501 – $1,000 per project. (ahrefs)

13. 88.28% of SEO professionals charge less than USD 150 per hour . (ahrefs)

14. From the second year of experience in the SEO business, professionals earn 39.40% more per hour, 275% more for projects and 102.41% more for monthly fees(ahrefs)

15. SEO professionals earn 130.74% more with the foreign market than with the local one. (ahrefs)

Local SEO Statistics

It is important for businesses with physical and direct customer service to know how geolocated searches behave, which influences your local SEO strategy.

16. Of the users who search their smartphones for “something nearby”, 76% go to the place in less than a day. (ThinkWithGoogle)

17. In mobile searches, “location” occupies 30%(ThinkWithGoogle) 

18. Those looking for “something close” make purchases by 28%(ThinkWithGoogle)

19. As a platform for “store location”, Yelp is in the top five search results for 92% of Google web queries. (FreshChalk)

20. Information about business hours is 54% of user searches. (ThinkWithGoogle)

21. 53% of users look for information on “how to get “to a local establishment. (ThinkWithGoogle)

22. 45% of purchases are made online but are picked up at the store. (ThinkWithGoogle) 

23. Between 2017 and 2019, inquiries about “where to buy” and “near me” increased by more than 200%. (ThinkWithGoogle)

24. “Open store near me” is search by mobile device grew 250% between 2017 and 2019. (Think With Google)

25. Regarding queries on “on discount” related to “near me” they presented a year-on-year growth of 250%. (ThinkWithGoogle)

Statistics on SERP’s

The data on the Google ranking gives the signals to follow to locate yourself in the SERP.

26. 90.63% of pages do not receive organic search traffic from Google(ahrefs) 

27. The highest amount of search traffic is not received by the highest-ranked page 49% of the time. (ahrefs)

28. Only 5.7% of the pages that ranked in the top 10 search results barely have 1 year of activity for at least 1 keyword. (ahrefs)

29. The average page in the top 10 has more than 2 years of domain age. (ahrefs)

30. 25.02% of high-ranking pages do not have a meta description. (ahrefs)

31. The pages have meta descriptions truncated by 40.61% (ahrefs)

32. Meta descriptions are displayed in Google search results in 37.22%. (ahrefs)

33. By including fat-head keywords in the meta description, Google shows them in 40.35%. (ahrefs)

34. The highest-ranking page still ranks for 1,000 other relevant keywords (ahrefs)

Statistics of backlinks or links

Backlinks are fundamental pillars for positioning in Google. Reviewing these statistics, you will compare how close you are to the link-building strategy

35. The backlink is not used in 66.31% of the pages. (ahrefs)

36. For Google, the more backlinks the page has, the more organic traffic it receives. (ahrefs)

37. A link has an average cost of $361.44. (ahrefs)

38. A paid guest post can be purchased for an average of $77.80. (ahrefs)

39. Reciprocal links are found in 73.6% of domains. (ahrefs)

40. Most of the high-ranking pages get ‘followed’ backlinks from new websites at a rate of 5% to 14.5% per month. (ahrefs)

41. Only 43.7% of ranked pages have reciprocal links(ahrefs)

Statistics on keywords

The search for keywords or keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. Discovering how users handle them gives us essential guidelines for keyword tracking.  

42. 60.67% of searches depend on 0.16 of the most popular keywords. (ahrefs)

43. Searches expressed as questions make up 8% of queries. (Moz)

44. The keywords made up of one or two words make up 13.53% of the keywords with ten searches per month. (Ahrefs) 

45. Keywords made up of one or two words , with more than 10,000 monthly queries occupy 702.87% of searches. (ahrefs)

46. ​​92.42% of keywords get 10 monthly searches or less. (ahrefs)

Search engine statistics

For the SEO professional, detecting how the results, changes and characteristics of the search engines are presented is vital to establish the priorities in their strategy.

47. Featured snippets respond to 12.29% of search queries. (ahrefs)

48. In Google organic search results, the one placed in the first position has an average CTR of 31.7% . (Backlinko)

49. Google estimates 3.5 billion searches a day . (Live Internet Stats)

50. Relevant searches influence 39% of shoppers. (ThinkWithGoogle) 

51. 61.5% of queries made from desktop computers do not generate clicks. (Sparktoro)

52. 34.4% of searches made from mobile devices do not generate clicks. (Sparktoro)

Statistics on SEO and video

The preference for multimedia content with video and voice has driven video marketing . Review this data of interest and update your content strategy. 

53. Video is the most used content format , after infographics and blogs. (Hub Spot)

54. High YouTube rankings correlate with the number of comments, views, likes, and shares. (Backlinko)

55. HD videos lead in first place positioning with 68.2%. (Backlinko)

56. 14 minutes and 50 seconds is the average duration of a video positioned on the first page of YouTube. (Backlinko) 

Mobile SEO Statistics

As we have seen, more and more information queries are at hand, due to the search through a mobile device. 

This forced Google to prioritize mobile-first indexing for content positioning based on the mobile version of the web. Let’s see why.

57. Mobile phones contribute 5.2% of all website traffic in the world. (statist)

58. More searches are detected from mobile devices than from desktop computers. (ThinkWithGoogle)

59. Ranking highest on mobile gets 27.7% of clicks , while the same ranking on desktop gets 19.3%. (SEO Clarity)

60. Users have discovered new establishments, products or companies through searches on their smartphones in 51% of cases. (ThinkWithGoogle)

Voice Search Statistics

The use of smart speakers has turned the preference to search by voice.  

More and more homes and offices delegate the answers to their spoken queries to their smart devices. Facilitating more comfort, versatility, saving resources and time.  

It is a resource that should be used as a strategy.

61. Answers to voice queries or searches come from featured snippets at 40.7%. (Backlinko)

62. Answers to voice searches contain an average of 29 words . (Backlinko)

63. 75% of voice search results come from the first three ranked pages. (Backlinko)

64. The average reading level of a voice search result is 9th grade. (Backlinko)

65. General web searches account for 48% of consumer queries. (Search Engine Land)

Finally, attention to SEO data and analysis of those that reveal user trends, competition, and search engines, must be part of the dashboard of our website.

When it comes to research, we find many severe and reliable sources of information that we can trust in decision-making, such as AhrefsHubSpotThink with Google, among others.

As well as, depending on your objective or goal to achieve some SEO statistics will serve you more than others.

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