5 SEO Techniques for Small Businesses

Small businesses often find it difficult to compete with the heavyweights in the market which already enjoy a broad reputation, strong branding and long-standing experience. But these small businesses can, with a well-crafted SEO strategy, compete with the bigger brands.

Here are several SEO techniques to implement to help an emerging business build a name and reputation in the market.

Technique # 1: Find and Stick to a Niche

Many small businesses and their websites typically focus on a wide variety of products and services. This can cause them to lose sight of their goal and minimize their chances of standing up to or even outperforming some big brands. This can be avoided if these companies are able to select particular niche products and specialties. 

For example, a young plumbing company with limited resources is more likely to be successful if it focuses on residential plumbing services instead of advertising multiple plumbing services online. This will allow him to gain greater visibility in the search engines. 

Technique # 2: Leverage Long Tail Keywords

By definition, long tail keywords are more specific and longer. They are normally used by online users for the purpose of searching for specific items. Most of the time, these keywords are made up of the name of places and specific products or services. Today, consumers make a large number of purchases online and it is very complicated to position themselves on keywords belonging to the short tail. 

These make it nearly impossible for small or medium-sized businesses to compete with the big brands in the market that occupy search engine results pages (SERPs) for generic keywords. On the other hand, SERPs for long-tail keywords may not be subject to strong competition, which means that small businesses may have a better chance of dramatically improving their search engine rankings by using these. long-tail keywords.  

Technique # 3: Focus on local SEO

Considering the fact that small businesses and local websites are very familiar with the region in which they are located, these generally have a large advantage and a good head start on the big brands in terms of local SEO. This type of SEO is often location-specific, which means it targets a specific area, which is usually the target audience’s area of ​​residence. 

Local SEO specialists use the information they’ve gathered to craft a compelling and pragmatic SEO strategy. Local SEO also helps small businesses register with Google My Business, the free online tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence in the Google ecosystem. 

Technique # 4: SEO Helps Get More Business Referrals

If the SEO agency is successful in getting the small business website to rank higher in the SERPs, the site could gain more attention from the target audience. However, this is not always the case! But businesses can take advantage of complementary businesses. These are the brands that are not in direct competition with small businesses. These can thus attract the attention of the public who frequently visit the complementary company’s website. 

For example, a company offering pet grooming products and supplies may well be aiming to attract customers from a complementary or partner website that specializes in veterinary services. This strategy can allow small businesses to compete with big brands that have loyal followers. 

Technique # 5: SEO agencies can make the site more user-friendly

SEO agencies don’t just create appropriate keywords or link to relevant websites. They can also help users find sites with the best user experience (UX). 

Google wants to provide users with the best-looking websites that load quickly. For this reason, companies want to ensure that their websites are well developed, with the best possible navigation and an attractive user interface. 

Users, of course, prefer to browse small business sites with a better layout and load rate rather than large business sites with a sparse layout and longer load times.  

Ultimately, through effective SEO strategies, emerging companies increase their chances of making themselves known in the market and building a good image. Thus, by correctly using the different techniques mentioned in this post, you will give your business the chance to compete with the giants in your sector of activity, especially in terms of e-commerce. However, it is advisable to hire the services of an SEO specialist to take advantage of the best techniques that exist.

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