Tips for Choosing the Right Drone

You are attracted to a drone, but you are not sure which model to choose and how to use it. These small, high-tech unmanned robots are used in many military and civilian fields but are also becoming increasingly used in the recreation field. So, camera drone or mini drone, which device to choose and at what price? What laws do you need to know before using your little robot? We give you all the useful information about drones to help you make your choice and use it optimally.

What are the different models of drones available?

The drone is a small, high-tech, unmanned flying robot that is increasingly popular for personal use and easily found for recreation. There are different models depending on the use you want to make of it and the price you want to put in your gadget. You can, first of all, acquire a mini drone, easy to use for a modest price. These models, controllable by remote control or smartphone, are ideal for beginners. They can be used indoors, and some are equipped with a camera. The mini drone has the advantage of being convenient to transport compared to some more complex models.

Then, the drone camera is the most demanded model on the market. You can find different kinds with more or less efficient cameras and higher or lower resolution of images or videos. These drones usually have a return control screen and many options depending on the model. For example, you can have a GPS function or a return home function. If these objects are real technological gadgets capable of taking magnificent photos from above, you must beware of the strict regulations when using them.

In terms of cost, prices vary greatly from one model to another depending on its capabilities. For a basic model for beginners, you can count between 50 and 150 euros. The more you increase the autonomy of the batteries and add functions to your robot, the more you obviously increase the price. Note that a fully equipped leisure model with an HD camera will cost you at least 1000 euros.

How to use your drone, and what is the legislation to know?

Once you have chosen your model, you will have to learn how to fly it. For this, we strongly advise you not to choose a model that is too sophisticated to start. Keep in mind that you can crash it pretty quickly. To begin with, do not neglect to read the instructions for your gadget carefully. Then practice with simple maneuvers in an area where you can very easily keep your object in sight. Remember to check the battery level before take-off and choose a day when the weather is good. Finally, do not hesitate to watch the many videos available on the Internet to help you learn the basics of piloting.

Before you start using your new toy, there are a few rules you should know about using drones. Thus, the regulations first of all prohibit flights in built-up areas, so you will have to move away from cities to make your robot fly. Likewise, you cannot fly over anyone for privacy reasons. Airports and military zones are also prohibited from overflight by your small high-tech aircraft. Finally, be aware that you cannot fly your gadget more than 150 meters in height.

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