Tips for Finding Backlinks

The referencing of a website depends on many parameters. SEO is one of the most virtuous practices to accentuate the SEO of any website. In addition to formatting, optimizing and adapting a site, care must be taken to have the backlinks wisely. These are the guarantors of a good positioning on the search pages of Google. But how do you find backlinks?

SEO: Why Is It So Important to Find Backlinks?

Backlinks send specific information back to Google. Placed on different websites, backlinks are groups of words or expressions on which there is a link pointing to your site . The source of origin of the sites and the choice of anchor words are decisive. Google attaches great importance to this practice which will improve your positioning in the long term. Contrary to what one might think, SEO is particularly demanding. Poorly arranged links and the risk of over-optimization could negate all the benefits of netlinking. To overcome this, it is advisable to find links and not to abuse them. Quantity is only of interest if quality is present.

Exchanging Links to Get Free Backlinks

Ultimate Guide to Link Building

A free backlink is every webmaster’s dream to boost SEO! However, this practice only exists in the form of exchanging links. With another website manager, you can agree to reciprocally exchange links to your sites. The practice is tolerated on the condition that the links are not arranged on the same day, nor in the same way … Otherwise Google would understand directly that this exchange is not natural. To find backlinks through link exchange, you will spend a lot of energy for little results in the end. Sponsored links bring more conclusive returns since there is no this notion of artificial reciprocity. The practice of netlinking aims precisely to improve the quality of backlinks by carrying out a complete analysis of the website whose referencing must be improved. It is this in-depth study (SEO audit for example) which makes it possible to determine the number of links, the choice of anchors, the chosen orientation and the sites in question. A long-term job that requires the expertise of a netlinking platform (such as boosterlink) which has analytical tools.

The Tools to Find Backlinks

Finally, there are methods for finding backlinks . Some methods can bring results, others not. The most common is to identify websites whose comments do not pass in “nofollow” the website of the author. This allows you to get backlinks for free and quickly . However, most website hosting platforms have fully understood the extent of the problem. Few of the quality sites offer ” dofollow ” links .

Blog directories have had their heyday. The impact is now very low since Google assigns a quality index to each site (the TrustFlow). Fatally, the directories are very little appreciated. The links will therefore not bring you anything to your visibility on the internet. Better to go your way or choose directories that will be recommended by major netlinking agencies .

The guest post is a fairly old concept, but it can be interesting. If you are an expert in your field, you can write sharp articles. You can then suggest to another website to publish this article only if you include a link to your website in this article. The mistake that should not be made would be to submit the same article to several sites. On the internet, all content must be unique. The practice will of course take time but without guarantee of results. Indeed, few webmasters have quality sites that accept guest articles. But it doesn’t cost to try this free solution to find free backlinks on your own.

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