Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

There is no doubt that 2020 will forever mark the world and people’s behavior through an acceleration of the digital transition. What trends are we heading in 2022? This is what we will cover in this article.

2021 will be a year that changed the course of history. One of the significant consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been that it has accelerated the shift to everything digital. The world has had to adapt the way it communicates and does business.

Direct consequence:

  • The use of social networks has exploded.
  • Companies have adopted a “virtual” way of working.
  • Teleworking has become an entirely fair practice.

But you know what? Today it is time to move on! We will stop looking in the rearview mirror of this challenging year for everyone to focus, after the SEO trends for next year, on the eight most important digital marketing trends that will set the tone for 2022.

1. Marketing Automation for the Ultra-personalized

Salesforce says 67% of marketers rely on marketing automation, and 21% are working on it for the months to come. Today, consumers want a personalized experience adapted to their needs: this is now possible with marketing automation solutions. The idea is to adapt your communication according to their interests, actions, and especially according to their state in your conversion funnel.

The implementation of marketing automation solutions requires you to define your personas and their habits & behaviors to then provide content / an offer at the right time, an essential for more effective and profitable web marketing actions.

2. Hyper-targeted Advertising

No more mass advertisements, so generic that they don’t speak to anyone! More than one in two Internet users ignore advertisements unrelated to their needs or when the marketing pressure of a brand is too strong.

In 2021, rethink your advertising and offer personalized content and messages. By targeting more specific audiences, you will hit the mark with your offers.

3. Instant Communication

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are no longer just for messaging with friends and family.

Stormed by the biggest brands, these instant messaging applications allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers.

A practice that seems to be appreciated by consumers because of the proximity and hyper-personalization.

4. Content is ROI

Already a staple of the year 2020, content marketing will once again be an essential part of any profitable web marketing strategy.

In addition to demonstrating your expertise to your potential customers, content marketing is a real gold mine for improving your SEO. White paper, webinar, blog articles, infographic, … each content helps to meet an objective. You are spoiled for choice. 

5. Vocal SEO

Alexa, Cortana, the Google Assistant are now an integral part of consumers’ daily lives. Brands must adapt to this technology, especially in optimizing their natural referencing (SEO) for voice search.

What is voice search? It is merely the oral expression of a request made on the Internet. According to Conversational, 30% of Internet searches will be done without a screen in 2020, hence the need in 2021 to optimize your voice optimization SEO.

To do this, you should not look for a semantic cocoon based on textual requests but instead focus your strategy on a more natural and oral language: you must therefore favor the question/answer format and the long tail to have a chance. To be displayed in position zero, the holy grail of SEO.

6. Chatbots for chatting and converting

Speaking of marketing automation earlier in this article, here’s one website staple: chatbots. This conversational agent, which interacts with site visitors, enables a first level of qualification of requests to be automated, particularly for the management of customer service.

A great way to cut costs, rather than having someone monitor and communicate with visitors manually.

7.  Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is to develop marketing campaigns that attract prospects to you rather than pick them as SEO, social media, and content marketing. As you will have understood, outbound marketing is quite the opposite: you are the one who goes to your prospects (prospecting, SEA, advertising/display).

Some marketers only live/breathe for inbound marketing, often with good reason because it is less intrusive and more qualitative marketing. But in 2021, do not ignore outbound marketing. Know how to use the most effective marketing techniques to meet your objectives by mixing inbound marketing & outbound marketing.

8. Mobile-first right to your fingertips

Voice goes hand in hand with mobile, so you have to think about all your web marketing actions for mobile: advertising, image & video, content, landing page, online sales, etc.

In 2019, the mobile was used more than 52% against 45% for the desktop (source: StatCounter). Imagine you launch a Google Ads campaign. Your ad is hyper-relevant, but upon clicking on the ad, the mobile user arrives on a landing page not optimized for mobile. Result: a click to pay to Google for zero value conversion

Beyond the user experience, consider including mobile-first when redesigning your site to promote your natural referencing (SEO). Indeed, Google will not put you forward in its search engine results if your site is not responsive.


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