Top Educational Applications For Kids

When there are children at home, one of the great challenges for parents is to achieve the perfect balance between educating them and entertaining them. With that in mind, the Google Playstore application made available a large number of free apps designed for Educational Applications For Kids, which, in the company of mom and dad, can offer various opportunities to learn new things every day while spending time together in the learning process.

Among all the options, Google Playstore highlights these six applications that its users can enjoy as a family:

Best Apps for Kids

Lingokids, The Ideal Tool for Children

From the same creators of the app to study English for adults, Lingodeer, with this app the little ones will be able to learn English in a simple and entertaining way without leaving home. Lingokids is certified by the Oxford University Press and comes equipped with different activities, games, and songs so that children can become familiar with the language.

Most important of all, to use it, no prior study of English is required, as its approach is adaptable and interactive. Children can learn to pronounce and spell in English, from ABC, to complex phrases and conversations. This app can be downloaded for free from PlayStore.

Educational Games for Children

An excellent way to teach children something is through play, and what better way than to do it with technology. Educational games for children is a free app available in AppGallery that offers various teaching possibilities from interesting games such as sudoku, memory, minesweeper, among others. In this way, the little ones will find that education can be as fun as any day-to-day activity.

Azoomee, Games and Videos for Children

Of course, in AppGallery there are also interesting options such as Azoome, an app that brings together games and content of interest so that the little ones can entertain themselves with the help of the smartphone or tablet. The best thing about Azoomee is that it offers new games and videos every week, instant messaging with parental controls, and content chosen by experts to form a safe entertainment center for the little ones in the house.

Although the app can be downloaded for free, it offers a trial period of all services for 7 days, and later the app will request to pay a subscription to the platform to continue using all its premium content.

Farm Songs

Music can be one of the best ways to entertain children at home. That is why AppGallery has apps like ‘Farm songs’, a platform that offers free access to videos and songs about animals, even without depending on internet access.

With the help of this app, parents can teach their children what farm animals are, making reference to their appearance and thus easily recognize them, which contributes significantly to their development and responsible education.

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