Important Update : Microsoft Word’s Dark Mode to reduce eye strain

Microsoft and Google Search both now have improved dark mode options to make documents and the web more comfortable to use at night. Microsoft said its new features are intended to improve the experience for people working long hours on its word processing application in Office 365.

“As we spend long hours on our screens, it has become increasingly important to reduce eye strain and adapt to light sensitivity,” said Ali Forelli, program manager at the Microsoft Word team. “That’s why we’ve extended the Bloack Office theme to include your document grid as well. It’s something that many Office Insider users have been asking for for a long time and we’re happy to make it happen.”

Word has so far offered a black ribbon and a toolbar, but the document itself has been crisp white. Word was behind the dark themes movement.  

Important: No Conflict With Printing

Word users can activate Dark mode by going to File; Account; Office theme; Black. As expected, after changing the setting, the color of the previously white page will turn dark gray or black.

The colors in the document are adjusted to a new color contrast, while red, blue, yellow, and other colors are adjusted to remove glare and make those brighter colors blend better with the new one. dark background.

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And Microsoft has considered dark mode in the context of people who still print documents: the black filter does not change the color of a document that will be printed. Currently, Dark Mode is only available to Insider Beta Channel users who are using version 2012 (Build 13518.10000). Microsoft has not made a commitment to provide dark mode to all users. He notes that “sometimes we remove items to improve them. Although this is rare, we also reserve the right to remove a feature from the product.”

At the same time, Google has expanded the availability of its dark mode for Google Docs after last year, introducing dark mode for Docs on Android. This mode saves the battery of smartphones. As reported by 9to5Google, Google is testing dark mode on the desktop version and looking to make the app follow system settings.

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