6 Ways to Boost Your Personal Branding

Personal branding or “self-marketing” is an essential process for every professional who seeks to make himself known and develop his clientele.

This specific marketing results in the implementation of a communication strategy that values ​​its expertise and professionalism. The objective is to capture the interest of prospects and convince them to become customers.

If you have already consulted our guide to personal branding, now discover these 6 techniques to go further, in order to better manage your image and your e-reputation.

1. Create A Weekly Newsletter

Setting up a newsletter allows you to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. You can send them useful information, talk about your new projects and demonstrate your knowledge.

In addition, this means of communication offers you the possibility of knowing your audience better: you know who clicks on your links (and which ones), who are your repeat customers or prospects, etc. Which is useful for optimizing your prospecting!

2. Ensure An Active Presence on Linkedin

The professional social network Linkedin stands out as another way to manage your image by sharing your values ​​and ideas. This is all the more useful if you work in the B2B sector!

To boost your personal branding, regularly share your watch on your industry, publish your blog articles and write them on the platform.

For this last point, write quality texts, rath

3. Develop Your Personal Website

Do you have a site for your business? And why not also have a website in your name. Instead of marketing your products, it offers you the opportunity to show your expertise, to know your way of working.

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On this site, publish case studies, share your daily life as an entrepreneur and your vision of your work.

4. Hire A Professional Photographer

Photos play an essential role in managing your personal branding. It is they who will give a serious image of you. They will allow your prospects and customers to put a face to a name. Do you prefer them to fall on your personal Facebook photo or professional snapshots of you, in a work environment?

Hiring a professional photographer is therefore a very good investment. These photos will then be used on social networks, your website, your brochures, etc.

5. Be Active on Twitter

With the new update of Twitter which offers the possibility of writing tweets of 280 characters, you benefit from a new tool to enhance your experience.

In addition to disseminating your watch and your articles in a link, you can add personal notes, reflections, encourage debate …

6. Build Your Network at Specific Conferences

Trade shows and events, as well as conferences, are great ways to market yourself. You thus expand your professional network to meet potential partners or mentors.

In addition, participating in this type of event demonstrates your professional commitment, you pass for an entrepreneur always on the lookout for trends and able to improve regularly.

With the implementation of these 6 techniques, you will increase your visibility on the internet, while perfectly managing your e-reputation.

Do you know other methods to boost your personal branding? Share them with us!

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