Repair Windows 10 Without Losing Data

Looking to fix your Windows 10 PC without losing your data? If very often, we call in a professional, repairing Windows 10 is not the prerogative of a group of people. Anyone can do this, but it does require some basic skills. There is then of course a useful and practical solution to achieve this task without major difficulty.

Why repair Windows?

There are several reasons that can lead us to repair Windows 10 for optimal functioning. This could be, for example, a problem with starting the computer, a blue screen that appears without an image, an explorer crash, or a sluggish system. ‘exploitation. If your computer experiences any of these problems, Windows should first be suspected, regardless of the version. In the second place, one can look for the problem at the level of the hard disk.

When it comes to repairing Windows 10, it is possible to restore its data. This is what is reassuring!

However informatruc recommended a strategy that can allow you to save all your files and the Windows system 10 itself. Thus, you can be certain to return in possession of all your confidential and personal data.

Windows 10 repair: Reinstallation by formatting the hard drive

It is possible to fix Windows 10 by formatting the hard drive. You must first take the time to save your data on another medium. Then proceed with the reinstallation of Windows 10 and other software.

But this operation can take a long time, especially when the computer contains a lot of software. In this case, the work can be a real obstacle course when you have to start looking for reinstallation CDs or licenses. To this must also be added the reinstallation of all software and files previously saved on the hard drive. It is tedious work that will tire you out very quickly.

However, there is a simple and effective solution that will help you restore your operating system. And the good news is that this solution will also allow you to avoid data loss, and will also save you from reinstalling all your software.

First, it is necessary to have the  Windows 10 DVD  which you can get by downloading it from another PC. Then record it on a DVD for further operation.

Repair Windows 10 by booting from the Windows 10 DVD

When the PC starts up, boot from the Windows 10 DVD. Warning, you must prioritize your CD / DVD drive by modifying the position of the boot in the BIOS.

If the operation is successful, you will see the following information: “Get important updates “. Simply choose “Download and install updates “, then click “Next “. A new window will display the following message: “What do you want to do? “Just choose the option” Update this PC now” before clicking” Next “. Wait until the update files are downloaded.

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Now you can check if the option “Keep personal files and applications” is present on the last screen. If so, you can now start the installation after checking the box corresponding to the option. You will have to wait, as the installation may take a long time. If no problem occurs, the installer will do a full update to your operating system. At the end of the operation, you will normally find a much more stable operating system, including all of your data and files.

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