5 Best Torrent Sites for Software/Applications

It is very common for the people to want to know which are the best torrent sites for downloading software to prevent systems from being crashed or damaged due to unreliable applications coming from torrent sites of unknown origin. If you want need to know which are the best torrent portals for free software download, you should not worry. In this list, we will analyze the top five safest torrent download portals to get the most out of them. So don’t worry, we’ve solved your problem!

Why choose torrent sites to download software?

When looking for a platform that allows you to download free software or applications to meet various needs, you have to try software torrent sites if you want to get the best results. They are free, they have a wide range of software applications that you cannot find anywhere else, and above all, the download speed is much faster than other websites on the Internet. Therefore, if you want to have a program available, quickly and freely, torrent portals are of great help.

Safety tips for using torrent portals

1. Protect yourself with a VPN

For a secure torrenting experience, working with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is always recommended. Some countries have restrictions on these torrent websites due to copyright laws. Therefore, in those countries it is prohibited to use torrent portals. In these cases, the Internet service provider of that country could impose fines on users who have carried out these practices. However, VPNs can resolve this conflict without too much trouble.

In addition to copyright, geographic restrictions and government censorship also prevent some sites from being able to function in a certain country. VPNs can also remove these restrictions, as with them, you can browse torrent sites anonymously and download software easily.
Another advantage is that VPNs allow you to have a secure interface to surf the net without leaking your identity or your data to malicious web pages, thus avoiding hacker attacks. VPNs hide your IP from the Internet Service Provider and hide your online activities.

2. Don’t download torrents from pirated or copyright violating software

Sometimes downloading torrents of pirated or copyright-restricted software can threaten your system. Make sure the software is not compromised, as the download could fail. When the software is expensive and has many restrictions, someone could have illegally copied and reproduced it for torrenting. Once you get the program, its installation might be difficult and dangerous, so it is better to completely ignore such software applications.

3. Beware of malware/virus software torrents

You never know what can go wrong with your computer when using torrent sites. There may be viruses or malware inside the software torrents that can ruin your drive or hack your data. So make sure that you are using a reliable torrent site and also a reputable firewall/antivirus software, which will ensure that malware and viruses are kept at bay.

Top 5 Torrent Sites for Software/Applications

Top 5 Torrent Sites

In this part of the article, here we are going to explain 5 torrent software download sites. Continue reading to know more about them.

1. Rarbg.to

Rarbg is one of the best and leading torrent websites for downloading torrent file software free of viruses or threats. You can download, movies, music, software, games, etc. Also, it has a different section dedicated to movie and show trailers. You can even check the top 10 torrent lists in different categories to see the most downloaded by other users.


  1. It has a blog section on news articles, TV shows, and comic characters.
  2. With a VPN you can bypass the restrictions in which the portal is blocked.


  1. The interface is not intuitive.
  2. It has too many ads on the web.



When it comes to the best torrent sites for software, YTG.ag is an unofficial successor to YTS/YIFY. Although actively being banned in various countries, this BitTorrent tracker puts an emphasis on movie downloads. However, you can also download software torrents.


  1. It has a simple user interface.
  2. The movies are in high definition, including 720P, 1080P and 3D.


  1. Slow download of software.
  2. The scope of software downloads is limited as it is mainly focused on movies.


This program torrent site is very popular on the web. You can download movies, software, TV shows, games, and much more using this torrent site. This year, it has gained a good position in the list of the best torrent sites.


  1. It’s a metasearch link.
  2. You can find magnet links as well as direct torrent files from other torrent websites.


  1. The interface is a bit complex for users.
  2. Downloading torrent files is not that fast.

 4. Torrent DB

It is one of the best torrent sites to download software. In addition to software torrents, it allows you to download ebooks, movies, music, games, animations, mobile videos, etc.


  1. You can browse through the huge library of torrent files and download the desired ones easily.
  2. It has an easy to use interface.


  1. It only works for Windows systems.
  2. The interface of the website is quite bland and boring.

 5. LimeTorrents

This torrent site comes with a wide range of links that have torrent files ready for download. There are no direct files hosted on this site, rather the file is reached via external links provided here. Games, software, e-books, movies, and music can all be downloaded using this torrent site.


  1. A huge library of torrent file links.
  2. It shows content that can be seen by the whole family, without obscene or embarrassing content.


  1. There are no actual downloadable files hosted on the site, just links to them.
  2. The link may not always lead to a reliable software file.