Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

In our era, where everything revolves around the web, marketing has moved from the method of getting the message across to one where the message finds its audience without any particular impulse, by attracting people interested in the content. useful and relevant. In this context, video marketing is an excellent tool to broaden the type of audience reached and to launch successful viral campaigns.

Importance of Video Marketing

In order to gain the interest of users, a video must be satisfying and rewarding. So it is very important to tell a story that attracts more attention than the product itself, which can also disappear or be put in the background. Besides your branded jingle at the start of the video, for it to be viewed in its entirety, it needs to grab attention in the first five seconds by answering thought-provoking questions or coming up with interesting ideas to keep the video going. interest until the end. In addition to telling a story, the video must be exciting and emotional, so you have to alternate funny moments with sad and melancholic moments.

The element of surprise should not be forgotten in the narrative of the video, it should not be confused with the shock effect which, while not inherent in the content, can cause users to leave the video. and can damage the image of the company. Additionally, videos should contain a clear, straightforward, and incisive call to action to drive conversion.

Video should never be an end, a result, but a means to achieve something else. The video marketing strategy must therefore be structured to achieve a goal: traffic, conversions, link building, brand awareness.

Don’t underestimate amateur video which can be more effective than professional video as it doesn’t come across as something prepared but shows the brand in its true nature, emphasizing the more human side and the more realistic. Plus, it can go viral in a very short time.

Always keep in mind that you need to offer your audience a video that they want to see, so there is an important rule to follow: give the product some value in terms of entertainment, information, or education. Otherwise, not many people will be interested. Studying the keywords that will guide the content strategy can help understand the content that audiences are actually looking for.

Youtube, The Preferred Platform

youtube video marketing

The quintessential platform to use in video marketing strategy is YouTube. Through YouTube, you can bring traffic to your website or other social networks. Let’s see how …

Google, Bing, and Yahoo often provide a video in the results in response to a specific keyword search. So by creating a YouTube video that is particularly interesting for your industry, you are creating useful content for search engines to find it more easily. In addition, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, just after Google. So when someone searches on YouTube, the video can be exactly the answer to what they are looking for, and that way the brand will be found.

At the same time, to generate traffic from YouTube, you can place a clickable link in the video description field which takes the visitor directly to the website or product page. You can ask the user in the video to visit your website or social media pages, telling them what to expect and what benefits are available to them. You can include overlays in the video with a call to action, a feature of YouTube that allows people who upload a video to advertise your video.

Through this advertisement, you can invite people to visit your website. You can also place links to your website and social platforms on the channel’s home page. Note that by distributing a brand’s social pages as widely as possible, if people left YouTube, they would stay connected to the brand through other social networks.

On YouTube, creating effective videos that meet the needs of your target audience can attract new potential customers because a video is more effective than a brochure if you want to be remembered for a long time. But that’s not all, it’s also a valuable resource for new product launches as new product videos can give potential and existing customers the opportunity to experience a different product or service.

It should be noted that YouTube can also be used to sell your own products. A sales video uploaded to YouTube and integrated into the product’s sales page can dramatically improve sales rates because, on the one hand, it allows people to stay on the page longer, and on the other hand, it allows explain in a conversational tone why the product should be purchased.

YouTube videos can also be used as tutorials to teach customers how to best install, unpack, assemble, or use the product.

Finally, YouTube videos can be used to provide customer support. Customer support videos uploaded to YouTube can be placed in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the website. In addition, this multimedia content that helps customers solve their problems helps to retain them.

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