5 Smart Hallway Decorating Ideas

At Roman Life Spaces, specialists in renovations and interior decoration, we want to give you a few ideas and tips for decorating a small hall.

The hall is a space in our homes that do not usually have many square meters. But that is not why we should neglect or forget it since it is an important part of our homes. It is the first letter of introduction, the first thing that our guests and we see when entering a home.

Therefore, take note of these great ideas on how to decorate a small hall and get the most out of yours.

5 Ideas to Decorate a Small Hall

If you think that you can do little with your hall because it is so small, you are very wrong. What you need is a good approach to interior decoration. Playing with colors, materials, layout, and a few other aspects, you can create a truly impressive atmosphere in your hall (no matter how small it may be).

Look at these ideas to decorate a small hall and make the most of it by giving it a touch of style and personality:

1. Mirror

Mirrors are essential to decorate a small hall or any other small space.

This is due to two main reasons:

– They are a very practical element. A mirror near the entrance will always be very useful for us to take a look at ourselves before leaving the house and give ourselves the final touches.

– Mirrors help increase the feeling of spaciousness due to the reflection of the image and the dispersion of the light they exert.

So do not hesitate to place a mirror to decorate a small hall. Choose the style that best suits your home, and you will not fail.

2. Hanger

A hanger is also an essential element in a hall. A place to leave coats, bags or other accessories is always necessary.

There are many styles and types of hangers. If you choose the one that best suits your style and that of your home, it will be a sure hit. But, besides being a functional and practical element, it can also be a great decorative element.

There are beautiful antique or classic coat racks that add a very special touch to any room. But if what you want is to decorate a small hall, the best option is a coat rack or wall hanger.

Placing it behind the door is usually the best choice if your space is very limited.

3. Lighting

In interior decoration, lighting plays a very important role, so keep it in mind when decorating a small hall.

The hall is usually a place in the interior house with little natural light. If so, opt for artificial light, but be careful where to install it. If the height of the ceiling allows it, the best option is a hanging lamp. Choose a striking one that raises all eyes, and you will be sure to hit the mark. If you do not have space, place a table on a shelf or cabinet at your entrance.

We recommend opting for warm lights. They will make your entrance a more welcoming place.

4. Foothold

In the hall, it is important to have a place where you can leave your keys, wallet, or other objects.
There are many solutions to get that foothold for a few square meters that we have.
If you want to decorate a small hall and your space is very limited, it is best to choose a small shelf or wall shelf. If not, there are also consoles that are very small in size and have simple lines that will visually barely eat up the space and will give your entrance a special touch.

5. Colors

It is a universal law of interior decoration that white and light colors help to expand spaces. But, from Roman Life Spaces, we recommend that in addition to this, you have to give it an impressive touch. So dare and play with colors, with wallpapers of the most diverse patterns and shapes. Risk.

If you follow these tips to decorate a small hall, you will surely be able to create a corner in your house that is both functional and stylish. If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.