What Type of Mobile Application Does My Business Need?

It is logical to think that, depending on the type of business we have, we will need a different mobile application. An app to sell sportswear is not the same as an app to manage tasks and teams within a company. To know what type of application does your business need It is important that you know how to differentiate them. Do you want to know  what type of application your business needs?

What type of Mobile Application does your business need: which one is best suited

If you want to know what type of application does your business need It is important that you know how to differentiate them according to the audience we are targeting, their development platform and, finally, the objective we want to achieve. 

What Type of Application Does Your Business Need According to the Public We Are Targeting ?

B2B Application (Business to Business)

They are applications designed to solve some type of problem in a company or organization. B2B applications are dedicated to improving productivity and communication between different companies and work teams. They are very profitable applications since companies, once they have tried a tool that they like, it is very difficult for them to change to another, mainly due to lack of time or because they do not delay processes. 

B2C Application (Business to Consumer)

They are applications whose final audience is the consumer, and if you are thinking of selling your products through a digital channel, it is undoubtedly the type of application that your business needs . These direct sales apps manage to retain customers and improve the branding of your brand. 

B2E Application (Business to Employee)

These mobile applications are aimed at the employees of an organization so that they can access all the services from their mobile. They are normally used as a loyalty and reward tool for employees, who have access to their payroll, training courses, business benefits, internal communication, etc. 

What Type of Application Does Your Business Need According to Its Development Platform

Native Apps

They are applications that are developed for a single operating system. They can fully access the functionalities of our smartphone, as well as send push notifications. However, its development cost is higher, since if we want to have visibility in the App Store and Google Play markets, we will have to develop the same application twice for iOS and Android. 

Web Applications

They are developed with well-known languages ​​among programmers, such as HTML, JavaScript or CSS, therefore, their cost is lower. In addition, they can be used in “responsive” sites already designed. Of course, they require an internet connection to work and they have very limited access to the features and functionalities of our device. 

Hybrid Applications

A hybrid application is a combination of the two previous ones, since they are developed in the programming languages ​​of web apps but also have the ability to access the resources of the mobile device on which they are installed. The code is the same for both iOS and Android, so we won’t have to develop it twice. However, the user experience (UX) is more similar to that of a web application than to that of a native application. 

What Type of Application Your Business Needs According to the Objective of the Company

M-commerce Applications or Sales Channel

These types of applications are usually aimed at businesses that already have their own online store in web version. Complementing both sales channels (e-commerce and m-commerce) will help you with your business strategy. 

Apps make payment processes easier and can help you stand out from the competition. However, if you think that your business does not need an app or you do not have enough budget to develop it, we recommend that you optimize your website or adapt it to a “responsive” version. 

Applications as a Management Tool

Offering an extra service will always be welcome among your customers. You can create an application to manage appointments and reservations or to launch exclusive discounts and promotions. For example, a competitive examination academy can develop an application and make the syllabus and exam preparation tests available to its clients.

Applications to Improve Brand Image

A mobile application increases the image of your brand and brings you closer to customers. Also, if your customers are young people, you have to know that they use the applications much more than any other age segment. If you speak their same language, you will gain loyalty and you can even create a tribe of consumers around your brand.

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As you can see, there are many types of applications for your business. Before starting to develop one, think about your needs and choose the model that best suits them. According to you, what kind of application does your business need ?