What are the jobs in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?

With the exceptional growth experienced by big data and digital technology in general, there are hundreds of opportunities in the sector. Remember that big data is a set of data of all forms collected from all the digital activities of each individual to serve companies in guiding their decisions and strategies.

As the management and processing of this data is not within everyone’s reach, new professions have emerged in response to increasingly significant demand on the market. Big data is not alone in its expansion, however. Indeed, artificial intelligence is also tending to develop and requires the emergence of new professions in order to better direct operations at all levels in the creation process. We present to you these big data and AI jobs and their potential.

Data Scientist, The Data Expert

This very versatile professional plays an expert role in data analysis and works, in the majority of cases, in a company. Located halfway between mathematician and computer scientist, the job of Data Scientist requires a certain skill, not only in the technical aspect but also from the business point of view of the structure for which he works.

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Quite simply, its role is to give value to raw data in order to create new services or improve existing ones. Considered in 2018 to be the best of trades, the average salary of one of these professionals is estimated at $ 129,927.41 per year.

To be able to access it, in addition to solid foundations in mathematics and computer science, training in big data and artificial intelligence is essential. Data science and cybersecurity training is a must for all those who wish to get into this profession in order to master all the analytical techniques required by profession (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, IoT, text analysis, data visualization, etc.)

Psydesigner, The Architect of Artificial Intelligence

Literally considered the architect of artificial intelligence, the Psydesigner builds the foundations of every AI project. It is the genius behind every artificial intelligence project that gives them an image, a personality that we, users, can perceive and imagine.

Have you, for example, ever used a voice assistant like Siri? Have you attributed to it, consciously or not, a personality, an image, in your imagination? If this is possible, it is thanks to the work of the Psydesigner.

Thanks to the surge of artificial intelligence and the tools that result from it, the demand for Psydesigner is likely to increase accordingly in the coming years to come. In addition to training in artificial intelligence, you must have a solid foundation in psychology, be passionate about new technologies, and above all, master computer language. The architect of artificial intelligence will indeed have to define the algorithm that makes up each project.

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