How to Download uTorrent Files from Chrome

For years, many users have frequently downloaded files in Torrent format. Although it is often linked to the concept of piracy, a format is also used to distribute or share all kinds of files in different environments. To download these types of files, we need a client that we must install and configure correctly, however, we are going to show how to integrate uTorrent in Chrome to be able to manage P2P downloads more easily from the browser.

When we talk about torrent files, generally, the download of this type of files is through P2P networks and the corresponding client, as is the case with uTorrent and one of the most popular. If we are users with experience in this type of practice, everything will sound quite familiar to us; however, to those who are starting in this world, everything may still sound quite complex.

Therefore, taking into account that Google Chrome is the web browser most used by most users in much of the world and that uTorrent is one of the most popular clients, we are going to show how to integrate uTorrent into the browser so that we can download torrent files directly from Chrome and be able to manage our downloads in a much easier way.

Integrate the P2P download client in Chrome

To manage uTorrent downloads from the Google browser, we need to have the client and the browser installed on our computer. If so, we will have almost everything ready, while if we do not have uTorrent on the PC yet, the first thing we will have to do is go to the client’s official website and proceed with its download.

Once downloaded, we will have to proceed with the installation and then with its configuration. To do this, we will have to access the program’s Preferences from the Options menu and review each of the options, General settings, interface, folders for downloads, ports, bandwidth, uTorrent limiter, opportunities for the queue of downloads, if we want to activate remote access, default player, etc.

With everything ready, we are now ready to integrate uTorrent into Google Chrome to manage all downloads through the browser comfortably. To do this, we will have to use an extension that has been designed for the Google browser and is available for free in the Chrome Web StoreuTorrent Easy Client.  As we can see, it is an extension highly valued by users who have made use of it or are still using it.

To install it in our browser, we have to click on the Add to Chrome button. In a few moments, we will proceed with the installation, and we will see how its quick access icon appears next to the address bar in Chrome. If we click on this icon and a window will appear, we must indicate the configuration data for the uTorrent integration, such as the username, password, IP, port, etc.

To know the data that we must enter, we have to open the uTorrent client, enter Options> Preferences, and once there, we display the Advanced option and select Web UI. Next, we check the Enable Web UI box, enter the username and password, and check the Alternative listening port box and enter port 8080.

Now, we can return to the uTorrent Easy Client configuration window and enter the data that we have just created, user, password, IP, port and click on Apply. If everything is done correctly, we will have already completed the integration of uTorrent in Google Chrome. We will be able to start managing all our downloads from the browser itself.

We have to leave the client running in the background on our computer and use the extension for if it were the client itself to manage everything from the browser. From there, we will add torrents for download, delete them, change certain settings such as bandwidth, etc.

uTorrent also has its web version

Another option to control our downloads from the browser is to use the web version of uTorrent, available for download completely free of charge from this same link to its official website. Its installation is very simple, since an assistant will guide us. Once finished, the tool will be opened directly in a new tab of our browser.

There we will find a text box to search for torrents, and just below, the options to add Torrent or a button that will show us a video tutorial that shows us how to use the web client step by step. Therefore, as we can see, its use is effortless, and in addition, we can use uTorrent Web from other download pages or through .torrent files that we have previously downloaded.

In this way, all we have to do to download Torrent files is visit one of the download websites for this type of content or files, click on the magnet link, and indicate that we want to open it directly with uTorrent Web. The option to click on the link with the right mouse button is also usually available, and select the option to copy the link address to paste it later in the tool.

If we already have a .torrent file or the page we have visited offers us a file of this type instead of a link, we have to click on the Add Torrent button on uTorrent Web and click on Browse. Now we go to the path where we have the file, select it, and automatically begin the download.


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