How to Choose the Right Web Development Agency?

Web development agency are now more and more numerous and offer more and more varied services. Only, as an independent professional, you need a service provider capable of supporting you in the development of your activity on the Internet and in the development of your online visibility strategy, in all pedagogy. The objective, when choosing your web development agency , is to choose the right one in order to delegate as many technical tasks as possible , so that you can concentrate on your core business.

How to choose a web development agency?

Do you want to create a website or redesign it? The website has become the workhorse of any company wishing to develop its business on the web. To take full advantage of the great opportunities of the web and its visibility, you must rely on a high-performance and well-optimized website.

To meet your needs, it is essential today to be accompanied by experts and in particular a web development agency. But how to choose a good web agency? Which digital agency is best placed to build and manage a website that generates visibility and customers? 

What is a web development agency?

There are many types of web agencies. Some are generalists and others specialize in very specific web businesses: creation of e-commerce sites, web design, SEO, SEA, site migration, etc. Generally, a web development agency is defined by the design, the development of a website and the deployment of visibility strategies.

Choosing a generalist agency means ensuring that you are supported over the long term on all the subjects to be dealt with. That said, a general web development agency will probably not have the same level of expertise as an agency specializing in a specific subject.

What services does a web development agency offer?

A web development agency is likely to offer a wide range of very useful services, including:

  • Creation of a website.
  • Definition of a brand strategy.
  • Optimization of navigation on the site.
  • Website redesign.
  • Technical setting.
  • Implementation of “Responsive Design”.
  • Bugfix.
  • Marketing content management.
  • SEO support.
  • Implementation of a social media strategy.

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Why go through a web development agency?

Making the right decisions on the internet is not easy. All the more so when you don’t have any training in the field and you don’t carry out a permanent watch (the web is changing very quickly). Companies that do not have web professionals in their ranks have every interest in being accompanied by a web development agency. This type of agency brings together people with a wide range of technical and marketing skills.

On the web, each decision can directly impact the traffic and sales volume generated. This is why a company’s website must have everything it takes to attract, seduce and retain visitors. Going through a web development agency allows you to benefit from sharp advice adapted to each problem encountered in order to make the right decisions.

In addition to taking care of the technical problems of the website, a web development agency is there to:

  • Increase the visibility of the company on the internet.
  • Create engagement on the website (subscription to a newsletter, appointment booking, purchase, etc.).
  • Foster a positive user experience (UX).
  • Sustainably boost the company’s turnover thanks to the digital lever.


What are the criteria for choosing a good web development agency?

In terms of web agencies, the choice is vast today. It is therefore easy to be mistaken. Because not all agencies are equal, “  the question is how to make the right choice. A web development agency must provide real expertise from the very first commercial discussions,  ” explains Alexandre Bru. Here are four things to focus your attention on.

1. Choose a specialized agency based on your activity

Before launching headlong into the choice of his web development agency, a business manager (or the person in charge of the website) must have a clear idea of ​​his needs and his objectives. It is essential to choose a digital agency specializing in the activity of the company. This specialty may concern the business sector of the company, but also its business model.

Markteer Media has chosen to specialize in the creation and management of tailor-made e-commerce sites, “we are recruiting specific and highly experienced profiles on the main CMS (Content Management System) in the creation of e-commerce sites, this allows us to best support our customers and to know all the issues related to the main CMS (Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, etc.)” explains Eddy Samy.

2. Analyze web development agency websites

Once you have selected a panel of web agencies specializing in the activity of the company, you have to take the time to study their own websites. Yes, think about it: the website is a company’s best showcase. This is also true for web agencies! A site that is well optimized and pleasant to browse is a guarantee of professionalism. Conversely, how could you calmly entrust the management of your site to an agency that has left its own website fallow?

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3. See client achievements and recommendations

Another crucial element to check when consulting the agencies’ websites: recommendations, references and customer cases, ”  Beyonds’ good reputation is mainly made by the trust granted by our customers and our collaborators ” argues Eddy Samy . As much as possible, it is advisable to take a look at the sites of each agency’s clients. This gives a concrete idea of ​​what the web development agency is capable of doing. On the other hand, it is a bad sign when an agency does not mention its achievements. Reading a few agency blog posts is also a good way to get an idea of ​​their expertise.

4. Be attentive to the feeling with the agency during the call for tenders

Once the various web agencies have been sieved, it’s time to contact them to confirm (or not) the first impression. In addition to the benevolence of the interlocutor, it is necessary to check his professionalism and his expertise. The feeling is important in the choice of the web development agency, because even if it is for a website creation, a good relationship between the interlocutors is a determining point for your project.

Pay particular attention to the support and processes offered by the agency. Finally ask for some contacts of their achievements to confirm the expertise and good support of the web development agency in all its projects.

Last step, the quote. A web development agency must be able to provide a detailed estimate, this demonstrates that the need has been understood by the web agency. It is always interesting to evaluate if the estimate is adapted to the request of the company. In general, a short quote at an (abnormally) low price can hide some unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, extended quotes, not very explicit and at very high prices, should be studied with caution.

These are the keys to choosing a web development agency. Final advice: make sure you are clear about your needs and objectives before even contacting digital agencies. The best thing is to formalize everything in a specification. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to more easily evaluate the different services offered by web agencies. Even better: you will then be able to send them your specifications in order to quickly find out if they are able to meet them effectively.

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