What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks?

In the jargon of SEO specialists, the term “backlink” or “inbound link” is very important. It designates a hypertext link that points to another site or to another domain. The backlink is to be distinguished from the internal link which is mainly used to facilitate the visitor’s navigation within the same site as well as the indexing of pages. But let’s mostly focus on the importance of backlinks and the proven techniques to acquire them.

What are Backlinks and Why are They Important?

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

The backlink or incoming link is judiciously placed in the content in order to indicate to the visitor the location of relevant information on external sites. Through this process, the transmission of popularity from one website to another is initiated. Such recommendations are taken into account by Google’s relevance algorithms when ranking query results. In other words, the e-reputation of a site largely depends on backlinks.

The backlink is inseparable from an SEO strategy and net linking. Admittedly, the backlinks which “are born” naturally and which point towards your site have all their importance in natural referencing, nevertheless, an SEO consultant, such as Web Passion, for example, will use all his expertise to generate a large quantity of links quality inputs. Because for search engines like Google, it is not enough to have a lot of inbound links since their quality and even their relevance are also judged.

For example, the anchor of the link should relate to the content of the targeted page. The themes must therefore match. In addition to being relevant, the link must encourage action, and this in a semantic and thematic context adapted to have real effectiveness in optimizing the visibility of the website.

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What Techniques to Use to Acquire Backlinks?

There are several proven methods of getting quality backlinks.

The “Skyscraper” or the skyscraper method

We owe this method to Brian Dean, an SEO specialist and American blogger. It consists of finding content that has already acquired many inbound links. Then, it is enough to be based on these articles to create one or more contents of better quality. Add even more information and new relevant elements.

Focus on easy-to-read articles with short paragraphs, pictures, and videos. You just need to contact the sites that mentioned the basic article in order to get as many links as possible to the content of your website.

The Guest Article Method

SEO specialists also use the guest post method to generate backlinks. The principle is to work in partnership with influential bloggers. You will be able to post your articles on their site. It’s a win-win concept because you get the right to post to a reputable blog and grab some quality inbound links. For his part, the blogger will be able to enrich his page with new content.

Of course, you will have to identify bloggers who deal with topics similar to yours. Do not hesitate to share their content on social networks, post comments on targeted blogs, and do not hesitate to contact bloggers by email to forge a partnership.

Register on Buying / Selling Platforms

It is today to get links using specialized online services that give you access to sites and web that agree to publish articles, press releases, or even sponsored links. A net linking platform will offer you a wide choice of domain names and themes to increase the authority of your website by obtaining quality backlinks. These link buying platforms are called RocketLinks, SemJuice, or Submit (but there are others) and you just need to register for free to then have access to the list of sites offered and associated prices.

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