Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2021


Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks like Torrent have lost users in recent years in favor of alternatives like streaming, but they remain one of the most popular content distribution methods on the Internet.

Torrent is the file format where information on shared content is stored in the BitTorrent protocol, surely the most widely used today among those available for peer networks, although there are others such as eMule or eDonkey. Since pioneers like Napster at the turn of the century, these types of methods are sharing content have been criminalized by the industry & become synonymous with piracy, but using them as such is as legal as any other and, for example, they are widely used for distribution. open-source software such as Linux / GNU distributions and others. It is also used in other applications such as VoIP communications.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2021

There is no specific data on the use of Torrent, but millions of users use it daily if we add up all the peer networks, although as we said the total has fallen after the rise of streaming services and complaints against websites where they advertise, collect, serve or act as a content search engine.

TorrentFreak has compiled the top ten torrent sites in terms of popularity with data from Alexa, the Amazon subsidiary that provides business web traffic data and analytics. The list has changed little since last year, as you will see, the big metasearch engines are still in the top and have millions of visits as shown by their ranking in Alexa.

  1. The Pirate Bay. The pirate ship is still afloat after 16 years and multiple complaints, after suffering substantial downtime in 2018. It also continues to operate from its .org domain, but it is unclear whether it will continue to do so in the future. It’s up from third place in 2018 to rank 169 on Alexa.  (Also Read: Pirate Bay Alternative To Use In 2021)
  2. It is the unofficial successor to the defunct YTS or YIFY group and specializes in movies. He has been the target of three lawsuits in the United States recently and although he signed a settlement for damages, the site itself remains online. It maintains the position of last year.
  3. 1337x It maintains its place in the top three. Unlike other more search-specialized sites, it has a loyal group of users who provide fresh content on a daily basis.
  4. RARBG  The site operates from several domains and if they were taken into account it would be higher on this list. Created in 2008 it specializes in high-quality video content. It maintains the position of last year and in Alexa, it ranks 428.
  5. NYAA.YesThe resurrection of the popular anime torrent site remains well positioned, climbing one notch since 2018.
  6. Torrentz2A replacement for the original site, which voluntarily closed its doors in 2021. The site does not host any torrent files but is still a popular meta-search engine.
  7. . Original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV closed after a hostile takeover in 2015, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand. It has a new domain and grows two positions since 2018.
  8. LimeTorrents . It has been online for more than a decade. Like many other entries on this list, it is blocked by ISPs in countries around the world, reducing your global traffic.
  9. Fitgirl RepacksSpecialized in-game repacks, it is not a traditional torrent site and its content is published in other media, although it also offers its own links and hence is added to the list.
  10. Tamil RockersBased in India, it offers content in English and despite the arrests against the alleged administrators, the portal remains online.

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As always when we talk about these issues, we must make the corresponding legal warnings. Using P2P networks to distribute content is perfectly legal, but sharing copyrighted files on their networks is just as illegal and penalized by law as doing it by other means. 


Piracy of any Hollywood, Bollywood, movie is illegal. And Online Tech Updates strongly oppose Piracy. The purpose of this content is to make people aware. Not to promote or encourage Piracy and Illegal works. We strongly condemn it.

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