Top 12 Best SEO Tools

SEO is taking such an impact today that many SEO tools are available for companies that want to optimize their SEO. Site audit, Google tools, SEO positioning monitoring… And many others. You will surely find your happiness whatever your needs. These tools are only aids, however, and will not be able to take care of the creation of quality content, like an SEO web copywriter would. They will only be indicators to know if your SEO strategy is effective.

We will discuss two types of SEO tools in this article: free SEO tools and paid SEO tools. However, there are so many that we do not know where to find. Don’t panic, we’re here to help you find the best SEO tools to improve your SEO.

Free tools to use in SEO

Free tools to use in SEO

Google Search Console is used to index your pages

The Google Webmaster Tools (or GWT) is a free SEO tool offered by Google that can be found on the Google Search Console. This tool gives you a report on the state of your website, so it is very useful for SEO positioning monitoring. Its main use?

  • It will allow you to measure the performance of your website
  • It will offer you an analysis of your natural search traffic
  • It offers monitoring of your traffic (origin and evolution over time)
  • It is an SEO analysis tool capable of offering you solutions to solve your SEO problems by noting your mistakes.
  • It will allow you to know the referring domains

Google Analytics helps you analyze your performance

Of all the SEO tools presented here, Google Analytics remains the best known. Its reputation makes it a very accessible and flexible SEO tool. In addition, it will allow you to know the traffic generated on your website and to draw analytical reports on which are recorded the performance of your website as well as the different channels for acquiring your traffic. This free SEO tool is a must-have, whether you are used to SEO or not. To use it, nothing could be simpler: go to Google Analytics and log in. It is notably known to be an SEO analysis tool :

  • It analyzes your traffic (origin)
  • It analyzes the behavior of individuals on your website as well as the performance of your website itself.
  • It also analyzes the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO

SEO Hero ninja and

SEO Hero Ninja is a free SEO tool that focuses on speed, “live” SEO. And because of this, it is mainly recognized for its ease of use. You will only need a keyword, domain, geolocation, and language to make this SEO tool work.

SEO is also a free SEO tool. It is more focused on the analysis of the semantic environment. Indeed, it is an SEO analysis tool that will allow you to understand and define effective expressions in natural referencing. He will therefore be able to guide you in choosing your keywords while offering you useful tips for writing your content.

Ubersuggest offers a free game

Ubersuggest is a free keyword generator. Several offers:

  •  He will be able to offer you a list of keywords accompanied by personalized suggestions according to your request
  •  It will be able to tell you the average volume of searches, the average cost per click of a word, or the difficulty for a keyword to rank.
  •  He can perform the SEO audit of your website (or that of one of your competitors)
  •  It will be able to put in perspective the sites having a better ranking compared to your performances on the same keyword.

Useful paid tools in SEO

paid seo tools

It is not because they are paid SEO tools that they should not be interested; on the contrary. Most of these SEO tools offer trial periods or free features that will allow you to understand the services offered by these tools and why they will be relevant to you. So, here is our small selection:

SEMrush for your keyword strategy

Semrush is characterized as a precision SEO tool. It is an SEO positioning tracking tool, which is paid for, but whose services are complete, with a wealth of powerful features. Many say it is the best SEO tool; it offers a 7-day free trial period. Intuitive and rich in proposals, SEMrush allows you to:

  • Perform the website audit
  • To monitor the evolution of your ranking in terms of natural referencing on search engines
  • Monitor your competitors and compare them to your SEO positioning
  • Analyze and identify the relevance and effectiveness of keywords
  • To analyze the relevance and effectiveness of backlinks
  • To monitor and optimize your Adwords campaign

AHREFS is useful for auditing your site

Ahrefs is an SEO analysis tool launched in 2011. It is recognized for its accessibility and its wide range of features. It will therefore be very useful for you to improve and develop your natural referencing. Just like SEMrush, it is complete and these two SEO tools are difficult to separate as their services are so qualitative. This paid SEO tool, however, has many features and a paid 7-day trial period. It will allow you:

  • Perform SEO positioning monitoring.
  •  Perform an audit of your website.
  •  Analyze your net linking (I think it’s the same thing, but I’m not sure, in the original article, it says: “the links that point to your site”; otherwise put “analyze the links that lead to your website)
  • Evaluate the SEO positioning of your website by comparing it with the competition
  • To offer a follow-up of your net linking: backlinks, link anchors, quality of links, etc.
  • And have an SEO tool that will allow you to research keywords effectively.

Majestic, the SEO tool for Netlinking

Majestic is a paid SEO tool, but it can significantly help you develop your SEO and your traffic. It is also an SEO analysis tool. Indeed, Majestic has an evaluation system for your backlinks, endowed with a Trust Flow (that is to say, an analysis system that makes it possible to determine the quality of your backlinks) and a Citation Flow ( where a Trust Flow will focus on the quality of the links, a Citation Flow will focus on the number of backlinks). Small positive point: Majestic is in French (unlike most SEO tools). Why choose Majestic?

  • It will allow you to analyze the links of your website and see if they are performing well in your SEO strategy
  • It will allow you to evaluate the performance of your competitors’ backlinks in order to compare them to yours
  • It will allow you to know the history of a selected domain name

Yooda Insight analyzes your performance

Yooda Insight is an SEO analysis tool, which will know how to evaluate the performance of your website. Although free, it has paid features. Its strong point? Its versatility. This SEO tool will allow you:

  • To offer an analysis of your SEO performance of your website by comparing them with your competitors
  • Determine the keywords and your semantic environment that will be the most relevant for your SEO
  • To carry out audits concerning the SEO of your website

OnCrawl the ideal crawler

Ergonomic and versatile, OnCrawl is a paid SEO tool, which promises you several features:

  • Ability to analyze and measure the performance of your website regarding your natural referencing (loading time, HTML markup, quality content, etc.).
  • Proposal to simplify navigation on your website
  • An accurate report of the activity of your internal and external links.

MyPoseo tracks your SEO results

French paid SEO tool, MyPoseo is an SEO positioning tracking tool that will allow you to know your positioning on search engine results. Rather ergonomic, MyPoseo is an easy-to-use service, which also offers analysis services for SEO and SEA. Although easy to use, its multiplicity of features can seem confusing. Don’t panic; this SEO tool simply requires a little adaptation time. In addition, MyPoseo offers a free 15-day trial offer. Among its many services, we find:

  • Monitoring services of your SEO performance
  • Suggestions of relevant keywords
  • A detailed market analysis

Cocolyze supports your overall SEO strategy

Cocolyze is a versatile and very accessible SEO audit tool. This SEO tool will offer you a panel of information concerning the natural referencing of your website as well as advice to improve it and obtain better positioning on Google. Despite having a 15-day free trial period, Cocolyze is a paid SEO tool.

In all cases, and whatever your expectations, these SEO tools will meet your concern for efficiency while adapting to your needs. However, these tools will not exempt you from using an SEO web copywriter if you want to create quality content, just like the help of an SEO consultant to establish an effective SEO strategyIndeed, when it comes to natural referencing, it is better to turn to professionals for the creation of quality content. These SEO tools are just measurement tools that will help you understand which words to target. Discover our page, which deals with natural referencing, to understand the challenges of natural referencing and thus see if you need an SEO web writer or an SEO consultant.

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