Ways to Promote Your New Winter Footwear Launch

When launching new businesses, one of the most important parts of the preparation is figuring out how you are going to get people to notice it and how you can continuously get them to come back.

There are so many approaches you can take to plan your marketing strategies, especially for a product as specific as winter footwear. Businesses of this kind are widespread, so it is important to create a marketing plan that boosts yours above others. 

You need to find an edge against your competitors, so you need to have a solid strategy for highlighting the good parts of your business and product.

How? You ask well, we have three marketing strategies to promote your new winter footwear launch you can use in so many ways.

Social Media Marketing

This is the most basic marketing strategy you can use nowadays. Since everything can already be found on the internet, social media is a good outlet to promote your business. 

Create pages on social networking sites for your business, specifically the ones that are usually used like Instagram and Facebook. The more people you can reach the better.

There are also a lot of different things you can do with social media marketing.

Visual Promotions

It has been found that people are more drawn to things that they can physically see, they want something tangible to examine. Visual promotions can be anything from videos to product photos, to posters.

They are essentially anything that shows what your business is and what you are selling.

  • Promotional Videos

When promoting your product, you can shoot a video showing off how it looks and talking about its best features. This is a strategy that big footwear brands also use, they show the shoes in action and highlight their selling points. You can also do the same. 

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  • Product Photos

This is basically the same thing but in picture form. Take good photos of items that belong to a collection as a representative. You can choose to put in what makes it a good buy or you can just leave that out and put in the price, people like knowing at what value they can get your products. 

When shooting your product photos, you can have a model wear them or create a product display mockup.

  • Digital Ads

Digital advertising tools like posters are also essential in your social media marketing, especially if you are a new brand. You want to not only boost your product but also your business.


Having a website dedicated to your brand is very important. You want to have a specific place where people can go to access your products, a place where they can place orders, and check what sizes and models you have. 

When creating your website, you have to know what features you need to put in that will be helpful to your potential customers. Once you have these set, you can then link your website and ease of using it to your social media.

SEO Marketing

This strategy applies to your website, SEO marketing is basically improving your website to make it easier for people to find it. 

SEO marketing requires a lot of work, it isn’t easy to do by yourself, so you might need help from an expert or certain tools that specialize in it. 

For a new business, you have to make sure that your SEO is working efficiently. You don’t want your website to get buried under all the other footwear brands and websites. 

Here are some basic SEO measures to take:

  • Keyword

Make sure that the keywords you are using do not have much traffic so people can find your website easily. For an industry that has a lot of competition, you have to make sure that you are not being overpowered by your competitors, you use keywords that may possibly be specific to your business and products.

  • Monitoring

Be sure to check for any errors that may be occurring on your website because this will affect your standing, quickly remedy any issues that you may be facing, and prevent them from happening again.

  • Features and Pages

You want your website to not only be accessible but also appealing, adding features that will cater to your customer’s needs is good but before that, you need to create a website that will make them want to stay and use those features. 

Make a good landing page and add a hero image to introduce your business or products and urge your customer to explore.


There are so many ways to promote your new winter footwear, you can either do everything we’ve mentioned here or choose one that is best for you. Either way, these are effective strategies to take so you can effectively promote your new business.

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