How to Find a Brand or Company Name?

Finding a name for your business remains essential to stand out from your competitors. But you still have to know how to make the right choice. Indeed, apart from its catchy character, the name must be easy to pronounce, different from that of your competitors, and must correspond to your activities. Here are some tips and steps needed to define your business name.

Finding a Business Name: How to Go About It?

While the process of finding a name requires a lot of thought, it actually seems very straightforward. In just a few steps and with an efficient name generator like you can give your structure a fairly convincing identity.

1- Draw the Guidelines  

Before you start your research, define the goals to be achieved with your name. To carry out this exercise, formulate some guidelines. Then make a list of open-ended questions. Far from the usual questions which are strictly specific to your activity, show openness, and creativity. Avoid limiting yourself to your existing activities. So look to establish a name that can expand your business.  

2- Brainstorm

Getting the perfect name for a business is an exercise in creativity. In order to stimulate the latter, you must study:

  • Your business and its personality;
  • The products and services offered;
  • The personality of your team;
  • Your competition.

You should definitely also think about the different companies that you admire. Only after this will you make three useful lists. This is a list of keywords that rhyme with your business offers, another list of your competitors and structures that you like. The last list includes all the thoughts that cross your mind during the creation of the other two. These details will help you brainstorm your different ideas.

3- Check the Availability of the Sectioned Name

This check should be done as soon as possible, as it will help you settle down quickly. To do this, opt for a few techniques, including INPI or Google.

If the name does not exist, it is important to then look for a domain name. The latter must absolutely include the name of the brand or the company.

Finally, test the name you find to ensure its quality and relevance. For this purpose, select a sample of people who can give you their opinions.

4- Register the Domain Name

This step is intended for entrepreneurs who plan to create a website for their business. After choosing the business name, it is essential to register the domain name as soon as possible. If you have identified more than one, please register them all.

Why Do You Have to Find a Good Business Name?

The name is essential for the success of any business. This is the first expression your prospects will hear when presenting your structure. For a good start to your activities, your name must therefore be attractive and catchy.

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The name makes a brand unique. Indeed, it makes it possible to differentiate a product or a service from that of your competitors. It is also a positioning parameter giving the notion of value for money. For example, the price between a restaurant and a fast-food restaurant can be considerable. However, the content of the dishes could turn out to be identical. 

Finally, the name remains a necessary data to benefit from a good positioning in the search engines. They use it in 30% of cases as a criterion for ranking sites in search results.

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