How to Use Guest Blogging to Boost Your Site?

Guest blogging is one of the best marketing levers to boost your SEO and optimize your SEO.

Writing guest articles on high-profile blogs can also help you grow your audience and increase your traffic. Discover our advice and the different steps to integrate it into your action plan.

Better Understand Guest Blogging and Benefits

  • The guest article is a content marketing strategy that consists of: either inviting an author to write on his site,
  • or to find a partner blog to publish content.

Integrated into your net linking campaign, guest blogging can help you improve your positioning in Google search results by facilitating the creation of inbound links in a link building strategy. It can also help you increase your notoriety on the internet.

Thus, this win-win partnership allows the owner of the site to acquire content and the guest author to take advantage of the audience of a partner blog to promote his expertise.

Get More Backlinks

One of the main benefits of guest blogging is that it easily generates backlinks. If you are at all interested in SEO, you should know that these famous backlinks are very important in your SEO. The more qualified they are, the more they help your site to position.

The backlinks are indeed part of the elements that allow algorithms to calculate your expertise and your authority on the web. Thus, one of the objectives of the backlink is to make you benefit from the notoriety of the partner website. You can then expect a significant rise in search results.

If some backlinks can be bought, sometimes very expensive, it is a way to acquire inbound links on your site for free.

Generate traffic

The basis of a good content marketing strategy is to find levers to generate better traffic to your site. And on that side, guest blogging can be a huge help.

By posting a guest post with a partner blogger, you don’t benefit from the traffic linked to that blogger. But you will be able to reach a new target who will perhaps come to visit your blog, subscribe to your publications, or buy a product from you.

Indeed, if you place a quality link inside your post, there is a good chance that Internet users will click on it and visit your site. You thus indirectly benefit from an increase in qualified traffic to your blog, your professional site or your online store.

Gain Notoriety

Finally, the third advantage of guest blogging and not the least, it helps you increase the notoriety of your site. How? ‘Or’ What? Well, quite simply by offering content with very high added value, capable of capturing a new readership.

By carefully selecting the site on which your article will be published, you will also promote sharing and position yourself as an expert on a subject. You can very easily boost your e-reputation and increase your visibility.

Whether you are a young start-up, a new entrepreneur or a proven company, you should think about how to integrate guest blogging.

5 Steps to Deploy Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Benefits

To help you get started with your guest post-campaign, here are the essential steps you need to take to be successful and get the best results.

Find blogs relevant to your topic

The first step in setting up a guest blogging strategy is to find high authority blogs that agree to post a guest post. It is certainly the most delicate step, but it is a necessary step. Fortunately, you have several levers:

  • Do a search on Google: simply use the search engines to find your future partners. If you are an agency specializing in digital, do a search with web marketing followed by “guest article”, “author contribution”, “become a contributor,” or “guest post”. Obviously, this list is not exhaustive.
  • Solicit your audience: it is often among your regular readers that you will find the most candidates open to the practice. Most readers who comment on your articles also have blogs. Do not hesitate to contact them directly, generally it works very well.
  • Use social networks: it is also on social networks, especially on Twitter or Linkedin, that you will be able to find sites open to guest blogging. Do not hesitate to use the search bar of your favorite social network by simply typing “guest article”, “guest blogging,” or “contribute article.”
  • Monitor competitors: finally, locate the sites or media in your network that are used to publishing guest articles. Browse their site to see if they have a guest articles or partner blogs category. You can also search with your keywords in the blog search bar.

When doing your research, don’t forget this basic principle: you should only target blogs, sites or media in your theme, your niche or your industry!

Carefully Select Bloggers to Contact

You have now built a first list of blogs and sites to contact. It is, therefore, time to take the sorting step to be sure to publish your guest article on a site that will give you visibility. Your goal is as follows: succeed in selecting sites with sufficient authority and offering real visibility to your content.

For each of the blogs or online media you selected, try answering the following questions:

  • Is this blog well positioned in your industry?
  • Does it offer quality content?
  • Does it have enough traffic on the queries that interest you?
  • What is his trust flow and citation Flow score on Majestic?
  • Does the selected blog have a representative community on social networks?
  • Are guest posts easily accessible on this site?

You will thus be able to classify the various blogs and sites consulted into 3 categories: blogs with high added value, intermediary sites, and blogs of no interest for your campaign. Now it’s up to you to choose from among the remaining candidates.

Find a niche topic and send personalized proposals

To be successful with your guest blogging campaign, always keep in mind that if your article is not published on the right blog, the SEO benefits may not be up to par.

It is obvious, for example, that a public works company has no interest in publishing a guest post on a fashion blog. There is also no point in offering a mainstream theme that has been covered dozens of times on the web. So take the time to find a niche topic that is impactful and on which you are a real expert.

Now that you have your topic, you need to pitch it to interested bloggers. The one and only way to do this is to send a personalized message to each of them. You can contact them by email or through the messaging of the social networks they use most regularly.

To save time, prepare a short standard presentation that you just have to enrich with appropriate content according to the site to be contacted. Be creative because bloggers and influencers receive a lot of solicitations, especially those with a strong notoriety.

No method works 100%, but to maximize the chances of success, don’t hesitate to follow the blogs that interest you on social media. For several weeks, regularly comment on their publications or articles.

When they receive your email, it won’t fall like a hair in the sky. On the contrary, it will be the logical continuation of a conversation already engaged elsewhere.

And above all, do not despair. Even if the response rate to this type of solicitation remains very low, perseverance always pays!

Create High Added Value Content

Now that you’ve found partner blogs to post a guest post, you’re going to move on to writing. You must offer very qualitative content that is perfectly optimized in terms of SEO. Take the time to do in-depth documentary research by consulting the first results on your request, but also the sites and media specialized in your field.

Let’s say your subject is “How to create a web marketing strategy that works? “. Do a Google search with your topic’s queries, then see the top organic results. They will serve as the basis for your editorial work.

Then, think about taking inspiration from the editorial line of the partner blog. To this end, I read several articles published recently and try to stay in the same tone. You can then add even more value to your subject by carefully selecting your images or enriching the content with infographics.

I prefer long-format articles, detailed posts in 1500, 2000, or even 3000 words. Finally, take care of the writing of your article with storytelling titles and perfectly mastered SEO. You must optimize the content, keywords, titles, and external links, especially those pointing to your own site.

Publishing one of your articles on a site with strong authority in your field will give you good visibility and credibility. Hence the importance of writing web content with high added value. Just because it won’t be published on your site doesn’t mean it won’t benefit you.

Is Google penalizing guest blogging?

There are many rumors circulating on the web about penalties imposed en masse by Google on companies that practice guest blogging. But rest assured, because according to Olivier Andrieu, a reference in the SEO world, it is not! He also wanted to reassure the regulars of this practice by publishing a press release on the subject and its alleged dangers. Concretely, if it is well-practiced, it is not penalized. So pay attention to the relevance of your links.

While it is true that some webmasters have received messages from links qualified as fake, this concerns a minority of sites. And very often, the editors of these sites do not respect good practices in terms of guest blogging.

Moreover, even Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst at Google, confirmed a few weeks ago on Twitter that no particular campaign had been launched concerning this practice.

You now have all the cards in your hand to integrate them successfully. Before you leave, here’s one last tip: boosting SEO and visibility through guest articles cannot be improvised. Build your method and set clear goals. This is the key to success!

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