7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

According to Hubspot, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. But, you already know that blogging is valuable, that’s why you already have one.

But, if no one visits your blog post, how are you going to generate those links, or even more traffic or sales?

Don’t condemn your blog yet. Instead, give him a nudge to revive him.

If you want reliable, qualified search traffic but don’t know where to start, this article is going to be your best resource. Read it religiously and act on the pearls you find.

You may already know some of these strategies, but I’m going to cover them from a very unique angle so you can learn how to increase your blog traffic.

Specifically, you’ll learn 7 proven strategies I’ve used to triple my blog traffic. Here is what I will teach you:

1. Provide rich and quality content

This is the most crucial advice for me. You need to provide your visitors with high quality content. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Do you want to read and suggest a blog with bad or mediocre content? The answer is unequivocal: no. Nobody wants to recommend something ordinary or typical.

Also, great information that provides real value is read and shared more often. And if your content is widely shared, you will be better referenced on Google thanks to incoming links, also called backlinks. You will be more present, which will have the effect of attracting more traffic. A kind of snowball effect.

Also, quality content helps you appear more trustworthy. The reader will have the impression that you have worked hard and that you have mastered your subject. You will be considered more competent than others in your field. So if you have to start somewhere, get your content curated. Even following all the other suggestions below, nothing will work if you give cardboard contents away (sure, that’s more eco-friendly than plastic, but it doesn’t!)

2. Participate in the appropriate social networks

Nowadays, no one can live without social networks. You need to be active on a social network if you want your blog to be noticed. But which one to choose?

To increase your exposure, you should be active on all networks. What a mistake! Creating and animating a community, gaining followers, promoting and sharing content all take time. And, to be effective, you need to spend the same amount of time on each network.

Suppose you establish a daily activity of 30 minutes on each network. If you do the math, you’ll see that it’s easier to start with just Facebook and Twitter than to establish yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest all at once.

Therefore, I recommend that you only focus on two or three networks that your target uses. Indeed, launching a blog takes a considerable amount of time. You will not be able to accomplish everything since the days only last 24 hours (remember to sleep from time to time…). Believe me when I say it’s better to be present on two platforms than to be inactive on five.

Finally, a very useful tip: get into the habit of publishing your work at different times and re-publishing it several times. This will reach a wider audience. And, if you want to make your life easier, try using apps like Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts. You will save time and be more productive!

3. Experiment with guest posting

A basic and universal observation: when you create your blog for the first time, there is no traffic. Without traffic, you won’t have subscribers or purchases, and your blog will never take off. So for your blog to be effective, you need to have traffic. As I said at the beginning of this article, I’m not advocating listening to those who advise you to publish hundreds of articles and wait for the traffic to increase. You will never succeed if you do this! This is the most effective technique to end your online project.

If you want to drive traffic, you need to go to blogs that are already benefiting from it. In this scenario, the most productive strategy is guest blogging. Simply put, it’s about creating articles for notable sites in your field. How to do it ?

The first step is to make a list of the best blogs in your industry. You’ve probably come across a few of them already. Next, sort all the blogs by importance and see which ones allow guest posts. After that, start interacting with these blogs by leaving a comment on an article, sending a personal email, sharing an article on Facebook, etc. Keep in mind to offer positive thoughts and feedback. It’s better not to comment than to say something useless like “Great article, keep it up!” “. Make the effort to develop genuine relationships with your co-workers.

Meanwhile, compose a fantastic article (2-3,000 words) that is specific to the site you are targeting. It is essential to provide elements that will pique the attention of the blogger and his audience. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance. When you’re done, submit your content to your chosen blog. You have a good chance of being edited provided you do your homework properly.

If you get rejected, feel free to send your content to other blogs on your list. Before you start producing material on your own blog, you must first build a loyal following and collect as many emails as possible.

4. Write a professional article

Have you ever read an article where hundreds of people express their point of view on a subject? This is what we call an expert article. It’s a really effective way to drive a flood of visitors to your site. Very useful, especially if you are just starting out!

To write a solid expert article, you must first identify the main influencers in your industry. It is good if you already have a list of sites for guest posts. When this list is complete, write an email with a query on a particular topic. Take the time to describe your request and define the parameters of your response. This will help you properly structure your answers and eliminate the possibility of duplicating information.

When your article is finished, send a short email to all the experts you contacted. Don’t forget to thank everyone who participated. Don’t forget to invite them to share your content with their subscribers and followers as well. In effect, the idea is to bring a flood of traffic to your site from the combined readership of your experts. You are wasting your time if you do not have this asset.

Finally, an essential piece of advice! Don’t forget to prepare your email capture tool. Indeed, you should know that more than 85% of visitors who go to a website or a blog never come back. So, use your expert position to collect as many email addresses as possible and grow your list.

5. Experiment with advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising can really transport your blog to another world. But I can already hear you saying, ‘Yeah, that’s fantastic, but I can’t afford to advertise on Facebook. “Think about it again! Even without investing hundreds of dollars, Facebook advertising can be incredibly effective.

As a first step, I recommend promoting your posts, such as blog posts. You can significantly improve the number of shares and the exposure of your articles for only 10€. So, if you produce three articles on your site in a month, you will pay 30€ for a boost. This seems plausible to me, given that the price/effectiveness ratio of Facebook ads is often extremely excellent.

Then I recommend you to try the ad campaign tool. And, again, don’t overspend in the beginning. For example, you can start with a budget of $5 per day for 5 days. Let your ad run, then evaluate the results and make changes. The most crucial aspect of advertising on Facebook is determining your target demographic and creating materials that will appeal to them (we always go back to the first tip in this article). Without it, you will have to use all your financial resources, and your advertising will fail. So go ahead and experiment with Facebook advertising!

6. Implement appropriate SEO tactics

When you start your blog, you need to follow proper SEO techniques. But what is SEO?

SEO is a set of adjustments that increase your website’s exposure in search engines (especially Google). It could be keyword usage, site structure, internal linking, title and tag optimization, inbound links, or even how fast your pages load.

In summary, this is a set of factors that will make Google like your website. The problem is that developing a decent SEO strategy takes a lot of time. To start, I therefore recommend that you focus on three essential points:

Work on the titles of your pages and your articles: make them attractive so that visitors want to click. I recommend that you build your titles methodically: “How + result” or numerically: “20 recommendations for…, 5 solutions that will…”. These article titles create more clicks and interactions.

Consider including important keywords for your SEO in your content, especially in the titles, URLs, tags and body of your pages. To start, make a list of all relevant keywords and phrases about you. To identify as many expressions as possible, use tools like SEMRush or Yooda Insight.

Improve your blog links by making a habit of adding internal links to related pages. This will help search engines, especially Google, grab your blog tree. You will then be more easily remembered. Finally, a good system of internal links will improve the experience of your visitors and make them stay longer on your site thanks to the complementarity of your links.

So, if you follow these simple guidelines regularly, you will undoubtedly improve your Google rankings.

7. Talk about yourself

Yes, not everything is true on the internet (didn’t you know that?). It is also essential to show up in person. Don’t be afraid to tell your family, friends, and co-workers about your blog. Too many people start blogs but are afraid to tell their friends and family about them.

Very often, people start quietly in their corner without taking the trouble to talk about it to those around them. It is a mistake ! Talk about your blog whenever you get the chance. Sometimes it can allow you to have a super contact that can change everything. So don’t be afraid to spread the word. Activate your personal and professional networks. Use all the tools at your disposal to make yourself known.

For example, include a link to your blog or Facebook page in your emails. It’s silly, but it works. Create business cards and distribute them to people interested in your services. If you are in the business-to-business business, contact businesses by phone or email and pitch your services.

You will not succeed if you stay in your corner. Every action you take will make you known a little more each day. Get moving and do it! No one can blame you.

Everything depends on you !


Creating a blog is often something anyone can accomplish. However, making it known and attracting visitors takes a lot more effort. I can tell you that by using these 7 tactics, you will increase your site’s exposure and attract visitors. Because, as I said before, your site is useless without traffic. Your site may be the best looking and fastest in the world, but without an audience, your blog will just be a waste of effort and money.

So, whether you are starting your blog today or want to do so in the near future, apply these simple and effective techniques. Of course, this will only work if you are serious and work at it regularly.

To avoid getting too excited in the beginning, I recommend that you focus on the essentials: Build relationships with influencers in your field, create content for their blogs and get maximum emails thanks to an irresistible bonus (ebook , video…) and repeat. Keep doing this until you have a big enough mailing list (at least 400-500 subscribers) to post content to your own blog.

When you reach this point, I can tell you that your blog launch is already a success. From then on, you will find that you enjoy working on your blog much more, everything is easier to implement, and your dream of having an online business becomes more real than ever.

If you want to have a blog that is worth reading and profitable, apply these techniques. It will take a bit of work, but I can assure you that you will get real results.