Benefits of Ecommerce Mobile App

Right now, more and more people are connecting to the internet via mobile devices.

And in this landscape, mobile is becoming one of the most popular sales channels in the world. According to statistics, online sales via mobile have increased by about 50% in a few years.

Do you know why?

You can make purchases anywhere and anytime via your mobile phone: from the beach, on the bus, at night, or during your lunch break.

And applications are one of the most popular tools for increasing user conversions on mobile devices. According to Criteo, companies that have made an app available to their customers have noticed that over 70% of sales are made through applications.

Furthermore, apps for mobile sales have a higher conversion rate than online commerce sites: Even three times higher than mobile sales.

Mobile applications are one of the preferred ways to shop online, and the trend is expected to grow exponentially. 

In fact, between 2017 and 2018, sales via apps and mobile devices increased by 22.5%, which they will continue to do, while desktop sales and those via tablets suffered a significant decrease.

Creating an app for your e-commerce can significantly increase sales if you have an online shop.

Online sellers are often frightened by costs or the fear of being unable to compete with large online retailers such as Amazon. But the problem is not understanding how much the development of an application costs or being able to compete with the market giants.

App sales dominate the market, and creating an application for your e-commerce is a way to offer those who want to buy from you a personalized and seamless customer experience.

What are the benefits of building an app?


If you want to create an app to increase the sales of your e-commerce, you are on the right path. The apps for selling online, in fact, have many advantages for online sales sites, both in terms of the growth of your brand and the user experience. Let’s see what the advantages are:

#1. Increase brand loyalty

Making an app available to your customers is a way to dedicate an exclusive space to them. The app for e-commerce allows you to build a direct and personalized relationship with the brand, in which customers can obtain discounts and offers suited to their needs and tastes. Furthermore, push notifications to keep users informed about the latest news and offers. In this way, users always feel connected with their love brand, increase their brand loyalty, and do not feel the need to go elsewhere.

#2. Show relevant and personalized content

When you buy on a website , it can happen that the connection is interrupted. The user, therefore, is forced to reload the page to make his purchase. This waste of time and the need for more effort to move the process forward are among the reasons that affect cart abandonment . A dedicated app often works without an internet connection and promotes the content that the user is looking for quickly and attractively, reducing the number of abandoned carts.

#3. Enhance the customer shopping experience

An e-commerce app allows customers to make their purchases quickly and directly. Just reach the app icon on the screen of your device, and that’s it. This saves him time and allows him to go directly to his favorite online shop. The search for items to buy and the loading time of mobile e-commerce sites are very stressful for customers. While through a dedicated app, they have a simple and user friendly shopping experience.

#4. Become a captivating online showcase

The app allows you to study the purchasing behavior of your customers in a very detailed way. Based on the data collected from previous purchases and their way of moving around your online shop, you can offer them targeted content and create a personalized showcase. The apps allow you to compose a product board with interactive images and videos, through which you can attract the attention of your followers.

#5. It allows you to offer personalized coupons and discounts

One of the most popular strategies on the internet is to generate and distribute discounts and coupons. Unfortunately, distribution on the web is not always successful. Activating random promotions without a precise target is like throwing flyers from a helicopter: most of them end up on the ground and are wasted, with a considerable loss also in terms of investment. The e-commerce app allows you to reach profiled users in a personalized way and to follow their purchase process—all without additional costs and commissions.

Why don’t many companies develop an application despite these benefits?

Having an app for your brand is an excellent opportunity to increase the sales of your e-commerce site. The benefits your online store can reap are attractive, but what stops you?

Many companies feel that they cannot compete with the large retailers that dominate the market and that the cost of developing an app is too high. But is not so!

Let’s see how these obstacles can be overcome and how to prevent customers from interrupting their purchasing process.

Poor technical skills

Your online store is working well, your sales are progressing, the website is well structured, your transactions are safe, and you are starting to have your own customer package. Why shouldn’t you have an app for your e-commerce?

Before starting to work with your e-commerce site, you probably had little experience with online transactions and sales. But things change, and skills are acquired.

To develop an app, it is necessary to have specific knowledge in coding and technical skills. And if you don’t have them, you don’t have to give up having your app. To create one, you can contact an agency specialized in the creation of mobile apps, such as E-commerce Consultancy who will take care of the development part and teach you how to easily manage your sales via the app.

They think the cost is excessive

In recent years, there have been a lot of companies that have developed their own app, and the demand is expected to increase by 50% in the coming years.

If you are afraid that the costs of developing an app may be unsustainable and that your project is too complex, you are not considering two things:

  • without an app, in a few years, you will be out of business;
  • having a dedicated app will increase the revenues of your e-commerce, and in a short time you will be able to cover the expenses incurred for development.

They are afraid of not knowing how to better manage abandoned carts

Are you afraid of piling up abandoned carts and that your efforts to build an app may be in vain?

Abandoned carts are the problem that afflicts online store owners, and the phenomenon is increasing significantly: according to Statista, in fact, they went from 59.8% in 2006 to 69.57% in 2019.

However, this does not depend on the apps, quite the contrary! Users are increasingly demanding and have high expectations. Their patience is diminishing, and they are aware that the market offers alternatives of all kinds.

What you need to do to better manage the cart abandonment rate is to offer an optimal and fluid shopping experience to your customers. And you can do it through an app designed for your e-commerce and developed by a specialized agency, which takes care of the details in a timely manner, from the user interface to the choice of payment gateways.

Make your own app too

Online selling is increasing at a tremendous rate from year to year. More and more users are making their purchases from mobile devices . The mobile phone, in a short time, has established itself as the favorite device of users from which to buy online. Its growth has even reached 50% for mobile purchases.

To buy from mobile, 70% of users choose e-commerce apps because they are the fastest system and offer a smooth shopping experience.

If you are thinking of adding an app to your e-commerce site, you are on the right path! Creating an application gives your e-commerce a significant boost. In fact, a mobile application increases users’ brand loyalty and allows you to offer them discounts and coupons based on their previous purchasing behavior.

Furthermore, through the app, you can create a customized showcase for each customer based on their tastes and preferences. In this way, he will not waste time searching, and you will create a targeted and captivating offer for him . The contents will be exciting and chosen based on the data collected, and the customer will feel more and more involved with your brand.

Don’t be frightened by costs or the fear of not knowing how to manage your store via the app. Contact us for a quote. You will realize that, in a short time, your revenues will exceed the expense incurred for creating the app.

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