The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​in 2021

We have just published the ranking of programming languages ​​for the first quarter of 2021. To perform this analysis, the research firm relied on two major players: data from GitHub and discussions exchanged on Stack Overflow. A method that allows you to combine the use of these languages ​​with the conversations they generate.

JavaScript, Python and Java on the podium steps

Unsurprisingly, the JavaScript language retains the top spot despite competition from emerging new languages. According to the study, since the first quarter of 2018, pull-request requests have increased by 453% (with a 96% increase in the last quarter). JavaScript therefore remains the most popular language with developers, although RedMonk says it is sometimes the subject of  “fragmentation discussions and criticism.” 

While Python was already in second place in Q1 2021, it was neck and neck with Java. The language was then able to pass mainly in front of Java and now appears alone on the second step of the podium.

Movement in the first part of the ranking

Compared to last year, the TypeScript language has, for example, climbed one place in the ranking to appear in the 8th position, a remarkable performance that confirms that the language could gain even more locations in the coming quarters.

The languages ​​C #, C ++ and CSS are found side by side in 5th position, with significant progress for CSS, which has gained 2 places in the space of a year.

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The study also shows the Ruby language’s slowing down, dropping from 5th position in 2012 to 9th position today. A fall is explained in particular by a greater adoption of the CSS and TypeScript language.

Classification of programming languages

The Most Popular Computer Languages ​​in 2021

Find below the complete classification of the most used languages:

1. JavaScript

2. Python

3. Java

4. PHP

5. C #

5. C ++

5. CSS

8. TypeScript

9. Ruby

10. C

11. Swift

12. R

13. Objective-C

14. Shell

14. Scala

16. GB

17. PowerShell

18. Kotlin

19. Rust

19. Perl (tied).

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